Conspiracy’s Reply

Conspiracy sent me an email today. I’ve pasted it below:

Dear [My Name],

I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and honesty regarding both my future authorial career and my relationship with [Agency]. I have given the matter much consideration, and while it may be advantageous to seek representation with a literary agency that has more than one staff member who sees my potential, your continued faith in my work outweighs the negativity of the other agents.

However, I do feel that if you wish to continue to represent me, I must insist that [Agency]’s commission is reduced to 5%. As you personally are new to the field, and cannot provide me the services of an experienced literary agent, this reduction in commission is only fair.

Please feel free to take your time to consider my offer, but know that I will be eagerly awaiting your response and any tardiness in reply may warrant further negotiation on the commission.

Yours truly,

Here’s my response:

Hello [Conspiracy]

The commission will remain at 12%. No negotiations.


Conspiracy’s final response:

I have been advised to take your offer as it stands, and I look forward to working with you.

How Saint puts up with him I don’t know. How do I put up with him?

I sent the journo I met at the weekend festival a copy of Conspiracy’s first book and a note saying to keep an eye out for further works. Although, I’m wondering if this is a bad idea. He’s a pain in the arse, and the Agency is not doing well. Would I have done him a better favour by cutting him loose completely? I really don’t know, and I hope it works out.

Note: Does this now mean that I’m his agent? Shit! I better have a chat with Loraine.

One response to “Conspiracy’s Reply

  1. Good for you! “No negotiation” is a powerful phrase. 🙂

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