My boss the broken record

So I told Loraine that Conspiracy wants to still work with us, and do the blog/book with us. I then asked if that meant I was his agent, or if she was and I’m the ‘helper monkey’?

She acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been over this idea with her like a hundred times. She’s the one who said to pitch it to Manchester. She’s the one who — after Manchester left — said I could still take it on.

But today she just looked at me blankly and said, ‘I told you we are dropping him.’

I swear to god, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout, ‘But you said I could go through with this! Don’t you listen to anything I say?’

Instead, I kept my cool and reminded her about the meeting in which I pitched the idea to Manchester. Then I reminded her that she said I could keep the project going. She made a weird huffing noise, said, ‘Oh yes. That’s right. Fine. But I don’t know how you’re going to find a publisher who’s willing to wave the self-competition clause.’

Self-publication clause? I had no idea what she was talking about.

Apparently, publishers are becoming worried that they are going to publish a book, which the author will also self-publish and thus compete with themselves. (Evidently a blog is self-published. Look at me, I’m self-published. Who knew?) In order to combat this, some publishers are enforcing strict self-publishing clauses. Essentially, publishers are protecting themselves from the public not buying a book because the author has published it elsewhere for free. In fact, some publishers won’t publish your book if you’ve put it up on your own blog or website. Their argument is that even if that blog or website was taken down when the was book published, someone somewhere could have a record of your posts and put them online for free.

Right, so this totally scraps the blog into a book idea I’ve been pushing for months. My whole idea of finding a really interesting blog with lots of followers and turning it into a book has gone down the dumpers. Plus, what really ticks me off, is that I’ve pitched this to the Agency and no one said anything about a self-competition clause. WTF! No wonder the Agency isn’t making anymore, they don’t listen to each other. Arggggh.

But I’ve already pushed Conspiracy on the matter when he wasn’t sure he wanted to do it in the first place, so I can’t exactly go back to him now and say never mind. I’m not exactly sure what I should do. I ran past Loraine the idea of completely changing the blog — which really was a part of my original idea anyway, but I’m emphasising that more — and she said that may work. As long as it’s significantly changed.

She then said that I can act as the agent. I’m to put together some publishers that I think would be appropriate, then she’ll give me an introduction. But I’m to pitch. However, she did add, in a very stern voice, ‘Don’t spend too much time on this. I need you to focus on other things. Things that can make some money.’ That woman, she’s like a broken record.


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