A night in without the kids

Fife’s out for his run, so I’ve got a bit of blogging time. Last night was supposed to be the start of a kids’ weekend, but Helen and her boyfriend Dave already had plans to take them about.Fife was in a massively grumpy mood when he got here, and as he and I didn’t really have anything planned in particular, I wasn’t sure how to get his mind off it.

I made several suggestions: cinema, walk up to the observatory, into town for a dinner. But he responded to everything I said with some sort of comment about how the kids would have ‘loved that’, and then he made further comments about Helen taking them for the weekend to be spiteful.

To be honest, I can’t deal with that sort of misery. She’s away all week, so if she wants to spend time with her children on the weekends, then Fife has no reason to be grumpy about it. So, I just told him to go ahead and be miserable, I was going out to get something to eat.

Being a bit grimy from a long day at work, I told Fife I was going to get changed, and he could come with me out, or not. It was up to him.

I had just stepped into the shower, when Fife came into the bathroom.

‘Mind if I join you?’ he said as he slipped out of his trousers.

We didn’t make it out last night, and I think Fife gave the pizza delivery guy a bit of a scare when he answered the door wearing my shorty bathrobe.


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