Not in the Bathtub Blogroll

I no longer have to hide in the loo to do a blogroll post, so this is now to be called the ‘Not in the Bathroom Blogroll’.

Spaggy Does: Since I’m not technically an intern any longer (although I’m regularly reminded of how inexperienced I am, and I feel like an intern more than I do a staff member), I haven’t talked as much about the whole world of placements as I used to. Although Amanda Spags has a very good intern retrospective post I think all interns and ex-interns can relate to.  

Carly Watter is a literary agent with an excellent blog. In fact, sometimes I’m too embarrassed to ask Loraine something she’ll assume I should already know. So instead I have a dig through Carly Watter’s blog, and she often has the answer. 

Novelicious: Into chick lit and other forms of ‘women’s literature’? Check out Novelicious, because they have loads of articles and interviews with female authors, as well as contests and other stuff for writers.

People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Because right now there are several people I want to punch in the throat.


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