My first book pitch

After I finished blogging for lunch, on the way home I picked up a copy of a free arts newspapers and was so unbelievably excited to see a glowing review of Conspiracy’s book. I sent out an ecopy to the reviewer ages ago, but since I didn’t hear back I thought nothing had come of it.

I got back to the office to discover that the nonfiction author had been rejected by the publisher Loraine spoke to at the London Book Fair. Loraine is good at hiding her frustration, but if the company is in as much trouble as everyone says, I felt like I needed to do something.

I don’t have much of a job title, but I feel like I should be doing more for the Agency. Sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m carrying my weight. I know that’s silly because I do everything that’s asked of me, and a little more. But I’m not sure if that’s enough. 

I think discovering the excellent review of Conspiracy’s book made me a bit hyper and a little  over confident. And, since I’ve been kind of stressed about the Agency making money, and in turn keeping me employed, I did something a little rash. 

I asked Loraine if I could pitch Gordon Highlanders book to MNM. Yep, MNM.

I don’t really have any connections in the publishing world, but I should use the one connection I have. The moment I asked Loraine’s permission, I regretted it. I was hoping she’s say ‘no’, but instead she told me to go for it.

Ringing MNM was really weird. Someone new answered the phone, and yes this is stupid, but it was weird that I wasn’t answering the phone. I half expected to hear my own voice on the other end. Yeah, I’m kind of mental and self-absorbed if you haven’t already guessed that.

I told the person who I was, and she patched me through to the new editor. We had a bit of a ‘how have things been since leaving MNM?’ chat before he said that I should come by…tomorrow!

I was taken back. I thought we’d start it all off with email pitches, then if they were interested, go from there. But no, he suggested that I come to the office. I’ve sent over the synopsis, and I spent the rest of the day going over my pitch with Loraine. I am so very, very nervous. Not only am I doing my first book pitch, but it’s to my old employers. Fuck! Why did I call MNM??? Why couldn’t they ask for an email pitch? Or at least do it all over the phone? Fuck!


2 responses to “My first book pitch

  1. thebitchybride

    You’ll be fab! Good luck 🙂

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