Terms and Conditions

AdminAssit’s last day was Friday, and I’m already feeling the pain of her being gone. I’m trying to do work on the foreign rights deal, and there are loads of things that I know are on the shared drive SOMEWHERE, but I don’t know where. Usually, I just email her when I need something and she sends it over. Now, I have to spend half my morning looking for stuff.

Also, I really have no idea what I’m doing with this MNM deal. They sent through an email with the terms and conditions that will go into the contract. There was no advance included. I’m none too pleased about this for two reasons. One, this is a unwritten nonfiction book, and I sincerely believe the author should be compensated while the book is being written. Two, I think they’re trying to sell me down because they know I’m green in the industry, and they think I’ll take what ever they offer.

I emailed them back to say that the terms were fine (they look the same as the terms in our other contracts) but I thought there should be an advance. Then I named a big one. Mid five figures. Which is way too high, but you should always start high. Isn’t that right?

What’s most annoying about this situation, is that I’ve been privy to acquiring a manuscript from the publisher’s end. Shouldn’t things be the same from an agent’s point of view? But just in reverse? I’m now not buying, but selling. However, it doesn’t feel that way. Everything feels like new territory. Very frustraiting.

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