The Phone Call I’ve been Waiting For

Just after I finished blogging yesterday I got a text. At first I thought it was Fife telling me that he’s on his way to the flat, but then I remembered he smashed his mobile against my wall the night before, and he’s momentarily limited to the landline.

The text was from HarryPotter, and all it said was Hey.

I texted back, Hey.

HP: What are you up to?
Me: Not much
HP: New Big Bang on tonight. Know its your fave
Me: Yeah still is. Never miss a show.
HP: Assume you got a tv for that empty flat of yours.

As I stood in the middle of Fife’s furniture and boxes, I chuckled a little to myself before texting back: White goods. How was I supposed to know what white good were?

The phone rang. It was HarryPotter.

The first thing he said when I answered the phone was, ‘Have you heard they’re going to remake Spaced in America.’

All I had to say was, ‘That would be shit.’

And we were back to the way we used to be.

We talked about films, or the lack of films either of us have scene. He’s not been in much a mood for the cinema, and I haven’t had the time. He joked that I should come to Glasgow for Wednesday Orange two-for-one, because the free cinema ticket would more than make up for the £30+ train ticket to Glasgow. I added that if I bought the ticked in advance I could probably get it for a decent price.

Then we talked about the MNM deal, and he said he heard about it, and that I made a good impression on the new editor. He also heard that I went to Goatee’s BBQ, which means HarryPotter is back to work. He also heard I brought my boyfriend, and then asked if it was ‘that Pete guy’.

I said that he evidently wasn’t reading my blog (I was trying to be coy but kind of failed), and he said that he wasn’t. When he and I got into that fight, and I blogged about Pete coming to Dundee, HarryPotter not only stopped reading NFTI, but used the child lock things to block the site on his computer. I told him that was ridiculous as he could just unblock it, and to this he said, ‘it’s a ball ache to unblock it. It’s easier to leave it blocked and not read it.’

He then asked again if the guy I took to the BBQ was Pete, so I told him all about Fife. Well, almost all about Fife. I told him who Fife was, and that he has kids. But I didn’t say he was going through a divorce and moved everything he owns into my tiny one bedroom flat. I just didn’t want to get it in the neck. D gives me enough grief for dating a married man, and I know HP would feel the same way. So, I just left that little part out. And he’s getting a divorce anyway, so there’s no point in bringing it up.

Since we were talking about boyfriends and such, I broached the subject, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about the stalker.’

‘That’s okay,’ he said. ‘Actually, she ended up being quiet nice, if not a little pushy. And if it weren’t for…well…everything that was going one, I might have been more interested.’

I asked him what happen with the girl, and he said she just eventually gave up. He then added, ‘There is this girl I quite fancy. She’s really easy to talk to, and we like a lot of the same things.’

I knew where he was going with this, but I have a boyfriend, and I wasn’t going there again. HarryPotter is my mate, and we should remain mates. So, I just said, ‘Yeah. Okay.’ You know those supportive but noncommittal type phrases.

Then he added, ‘She’s moved into my building a few weeks ago and we’ve chatted on the stairs, for longer than I think you’re supposed to talk on the stairs. But you know how bad I am at signals. I’m not sure if should I ask her out?’

Oh. Right. Evidently I didn’t know where this was going. But, as I said, I have a boyfriend, one who’s now living with me. So, it was time to be supportive of HarryPotter and I said he should ask her out. Just for coffee. Coffee is easy because if it all goes tits up and is horrible, you can just claim it was nothing more than a friendly coffee.

He said he’d try that. That he and this girl talked about a graphic novel they both like, so he could use the coffee as an excuse to meet up and give her the book.

I didn’t bring up the point that he could just give her the book since she lives in his building. Instead, I told him it was a good plan. Although, to be honest, this is HarryPotter. I’m sure he’ll be all awkward. And I don’t know about this girl, I mean she sounds too good to be true. A girl who’s into graphic novels? Either she’s lying and she’s just pretending they have something in common – and he shouldn’t go out with someone who pretends to be something they aren’t. OR, she’s a sci fi geek like him, but that’s not so great either, because you don’t want to date someone just like yourself. What’s it they say? The qualities you hate in others are the things you most hate in yourself.

Evidently, I’d gone a little quiet, so I think he just needed to fill the silence and asked, ‘So you’re still writing on that ridiculous blog then?’

I said I was, and he got really quiet. I asked what’s wrong, and he said he’d prefer  that I don’t write about him. In fact, if I respect him as a friend, I will completely leave him out of the blog. I said I would.

So, this is going to be my last post about HarryPotter, even though our friendship is just getting started again. So that really kind of sucks, but if he specifically asked me to not write about him then I won’t.

He and I talked for ages, and we were still on the phone when Fife came home. Fife was full of beans about the furniture and the unpacking, so I couldn’t stay on the phone any longer. I said I’d look into getting an advanced train ticket to Glasgow so we could go to the cinema, and we hung up. I’m really glad he’s back in my life.


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