A morning spent texting

I’ve had a hard time getting any work done today, but I don’t mind so much because so far I’ve spent the day texting with HarryPotter.
He started out just asking if I’ve seen that Johnny Depp vampire film, because he wants to see it but is afraid that it’s a bit of a girly movie (because Johnny Depp is in it) so he doesn’t want to go alone. I said that I could come to Glasgow and go with him, but replied by saying ‘That’s alright. If coffee date goes okay was thinking about asking [girl in building] if she wants to go.’
I responded back by saying that I didn’t think going to see a film was a good early date, because you can’t talk and get to know each other. But he responded by saying that a movie is a great early date because you DON’T have to talk. He’s such a social dweeb.
The texts continued back and forth about other boring stuff (like he’s designing a new book cover, but the Boobs maternity cover can’t make a decision and HarryPotter has to keep re-doing his work), then he said he re-Facebook-friended me because he’s sent me a link to a cool book. (We un-Facebook-friended when we had that falling out.)
I checked Facebook immediately to discover that he sent me the Amazon author page of Conspiracy’s first (and so far, only) book. I couldn’t believe it.
Then HarryPotter FB messaged me saying, ‘This is such a great book. If this guy doesn’t have an agent, you should pick him up.’
I was so pleased to be able to respond with, ‘I am his agent!’
His Amazon author page has loads of new — and really good — reviews. So, I checked his sales and Conspiracy’s book has spiked. Then I did a Google search and he seems to be getting a bit of a cult following. I’m so happy, I can’t stop doing the happy dance (the happy dance looks a lot like the pee pee dance.) This just proves how powerful word-of-mouth is in publishing.
Also, the contract from MNM came in this morning for the Gordon Highlanders book. I looked it over and compared it with other similar contracts, but I’m so totally nervous that I’m going to balls this up. So I scanned it and sent it to Paris to have a look over. She said it seems fine. I should email MNM and let them know I’m sending it to the author. Like I said before, book deals are so anti-climactic. I kind of wanted confetti to come out of the envelope when I opened it. Oh well.
It’s a late lunch for me today, and I think it’s time to head back to work. Another glorious day, I might see if the laptop gets wireless reception in the garden.

3 responses to “A morning spent texting

  1. I agree that a movie is a bad early date. Not so much because of the lack of talking – it does give you something to talk about afterwards. But if one loves it and the other hates it it can be very awkward!

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