Rats and a Sinking Ship

Oh my gawd. What a fucking fuck shit of a day. First, TripleF woke me up stupid early to get the kids ready and off to school – an hour’s drive away. Why he had to wake me up I have no idea. ‘We should have breakfast together, life a family,’ he said. Fuck him and his stupid family. I was up half the night because LittleOne had a nightmare and wanted to sleep in the bed with us. Which I guess wouldn’t have been a problem if he weren’t a kicker.

Then about half an hour after I got into the office this morning, I got a call from London Agent asking when Loraine would be back, and how I thought Loraine was doing and so on and so forth. She knows damn fine well when Loraine’s due back, and I — being so incredibly sleepy — I was not in the mood for games, so I just asked her what she wanted.

She’s leaving the Agency. That’s what.

She’s debating whether or not to leave now while Loraine is away or wait until she’s back, and she was kind of feeling me out regarding the situation. Fucking fuck. It’s like rats and a sinking ship.

London said that she’s been head hunted by a book packager. London has always been (or so I’m told) good at working with new authors and helping them mold their writing into something polished, and she’s particularly interested in YA, which is ripe for the whole book packager thing. 

If she took the job, she wouldn’t be in commissioning, but she’d be working with authors on projects helping them to develop ideas into fully fledged manuscripts. (In the old blog, I talked about book packagers. If you don’t know what they are, click here.) London wants to take the job, because she says she’ll be doing more creative work than she’s doing with the Agency, and there’s more security. Which is hard to argue with.

I didn’t know to do. I can see London’s point, but I hated to see her leave. She’s a great member of the team, and I just don’t know if Loraine could handle another agent leaving. Can I handle another agent leaving? Would I need to help pick up her clients? I don’t have the background for that. I can barely handle the work I have.

I asked London when she needed to give the book packager an answer? She said she hadn’t officially accepted the position, because she wanted to talk to Loraine first. I relaxed a little, and asked her more about the job.

We talked for a while and we kind of made a pros and cons list (you know how much I love my pros and cons lists). Or not really a pros and cons list, but a pros of working for the Agency and the pros of working for a packager. In the end the pros of working at the Packager is that it’s financial stability in a changing industry (packagers are financially where it’s at, at the moment) and she’ll get to do more editing, writing and developing. But the benefit of the Agency is that she can work more closely with clients (as we’re quite small) and she’ll have the freedom to develop her client’s work as she see’s fit, as opposed to having to answer to a Board like she would have to at a packager.

She said she was still undecided so I pulled out the guilt factor. How Loraine has put so much into the Agency and how it’s like a big family. And what would her clients do without her.

By the end of the call, she said still wasn’t sure what to do, but she’d wait until after Loraine is back to make a decision. Whew.

But now I’m worried I may have talked her out of taking a good stable job. What have I done?


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