As close as I’ll ever get to royalty

Right, I should blog about what happened when I finally got home last night, first I need to tell you about something else that’s kind of crazy which happened.

Yesterday, I just about to go into the flat when a man in his late fifties came out of PoshPhD’s apartment carrying an overnight bag. He was quite tall and thin, and he defiantely had PoshPhd’s eyes. There was no mistaking that he was her father.

However, as PoshPhD and I aren’t really getting on at the moment, I decided to not say anything and put my key in the door, but he stopped me, ‘Excuse me. Are you [NTFI]?’

I said, ‘yes’, and he introduced himself. He said he really appreciated all I’ve done for his daughter. I assumed that he meant taking her to the hospital, so I said that it was the least I could do. It’s not like I’d leave a dying person on my doorstep. But he said me meant more than that, ‘She talks about you quite a lot, and you’ve been a good friend to her. And it seems like you’ve been really understanding about her “issues”. It’s good to know that she’s got someone she’s close with.’

Issues? What issues? Other than being a pretentious twat, what issues?

But I really couldn’t ask him that. Especially as he acted like I knew what he was takling about. And, she talks about me? And she considered me a close friend? WTF? I definately couldn’t ask him to explain, especially as he thought I was PoshPhD’s BFF. So, I just said, ‘No problem.’

He then gave me his card and said that if there was anything at all I needed please do not hesitate to contact him. On the card was his name, mobile number and an email address. That’s it. But the name looked familiar, and not just because he and PoshPhD shared a surname.

I just now Googled his name, and he’s a famour director. Like a crazy famous director. Hollywood and all. Now it all makes sense. PoshPhd’s comments about her family being ‘creators’, but she never had the talent so she decided to go into academia instead. The photos of PoshPhD as a child with famous people. Holy shit. I’ve been living next door to film royalty. Crazy!

Right. Need to get back to work. I’ll tell you about the other stuff that happened last night later on.


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