The need to turn my phone off at work

We played a dangerous game today,Paris and I.

If you’ll remember, we put together an Italian foreign language rights package and sent it around to some publishers in Italy. Well, we got some interest from a moderately sized publisher over there. They sent a response this morning wanting to know more about the book, so we put together some information and sent it to them. Just after lunch they came back with an offer, but it wasn’t what Pariswas looking for. She thought they were selling us down, so she refuted their offer, and hoped they’d start haggling. They didn’t.

 They got back in touch by the end of the day and just said, ‘Sorry, that’s the offer. If you don’t like it you can go screw yourself.’

Okay, they didn’t say that. Well, they may as well have, because e can’t very well go back to them and say,  ‘Oh just joking. We’ll take your first offer.’ So, we’ve lost a sale. But Paris isn’t too worried, as she thinks someone else will pick it up. Then again, of course she’s not worried, she hasn’t seen the remittance notice that came through the door the other day. (BTW, Paris said that it usually takes longer than a day for these deals to go through — or not go through — but for some reason these publishers were on the ball today. Does that have anything to do with them not haggling? I have no idea.) 

Otherwise, I spent the day texting HarryPotter. Yeah, I know, not good. I spend most of my time worrying about the Agency not making enough money, and me subsequently loosing my job, and the other half of the time slacking off. But you know how it is. You never mean to spend the day texting. He texts you, and you text back, and he texts back, and before you know it, it’s 5pm. And really we didn’t even talk about anything important, just computer games, films, Roger, his new car (which is his mum’s car), and jobs. I have got to turn my phone off while I’m at work, or I may slack myself out of a job.

So I’m here at the office late trying to catch up on work I should have been doing all day, but I really need to get home because Fife’s already texted twice about dinner. Yep, I really need to turn my phone off while I’m at work.

One response to “The need to turn my phone off at work

  1. u must come to England. im home for a bit and down to London for jubily. cum down south plezzz

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