Agents becoming Publishers

Not much to write about on the work front, but I’ve spent most of the day talking to Paris. Her intern ended his placement about a month ago, so like me she’s alone in the office, and kind of needs someone to bounce ideas off of. I feel kind of honoured that she’s chosen me to ‘brain storm’ with, but it also kind of stressed me out.

We got to talking about her epublishing idea, and how she wants to do it through the Agency. I even found a novel in the slush pile the other day that I think would be really good for Paris’ idea, so I sent it over, and we chatted about that.

The agent turned publisher is becoming kind of common, so it’s not like Paris is suggesting anything really that off the wall. But it is kind of tricky, because clients wonder if you’re pitching them to the best publisher or if you’re holding back to publish them yourself. In fact, for agents to go down the publishing route, they’ve got to be completely transparent and able to divide their already overstretched time. However, with things changing so fast in publishing it may pay off. There’s bigger risk – more money to be spent – but bigger rewards.

Actually, I’m doing a rubbish job of explaining this. Here are some much better blog on this whole agent turning publisher debate:

Digital Book World: When an Agent Becomes a Publisher, A Sign of the Digital Times

Publishing Perspectives: Argument Against Agent-Publishers

The Passive Voice: Yet Another Agent Becomes a Publisher, Without Becoming a Publisher  

PS-Paris said she’ll be in London for the Jubilee weekend, and if I’m around she and I should get together. Damn it. I really want to go home this weekend. The old gang will be together, minus S of course. And R hasn’t been in London since he left to do his postgraduate, and I so want to be there. And I want to get together with Paris and chat in person, as opposed to having to use Skype all the time. But I can’t go because I’ve got to be good and spend the weekend with my stupid boyfriend. Poo, I hate having a step-family-type thing.


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