It wasn’t his decision

LittleOne stayed at the house last night. Helen wasn’t going to be home until late, and while Dave would be in the house, Fife’s still not too keen on him watching his kids. I’m sure Dave’s fine looking after the Fife clan, Fife is just being territorial, that’s all. BigOne was off to stay at a friend’s house for the night, so LittleOne came to ours.

LittleOne couldn’t have been more enjoyable to have around. We played games on the iPad after dinner, and he had me tuck him in and tell him his bedtime story. He kind of acts too young for his age, but he’s also the perfection of cuteness. Plus, how am I supposed to know what kids are supposed to act like. I don’t have much of a point of reference.

This morning, I was up early and having some cereal with LittleOne while Fife was in the shower, and he dropped a bomb on me.

‘Are you going to marry Daddy like Mummy’s marrying [Dave]?’ he said.

‘What? Your mum is marrying [Dave]?’ I asked assuming that he must be confused.

‘Yes. [Dave] asked Mummy to marry him when we were in Tenerife. He took [BigOne] aside and asked for Mummy’s “hand in marriage” before he asked Mum. Since [BigOne] is the man of the family now.’

On a small note, no wonder Fife gets angry with Helen and Dave, if Dave is telling BigOne that he’s the man of the family, as if Fife didn’t exist.

I asked LittleOne if his dad knew Helen was getting remarried, and LittleOne said that Helen told Fife when they got back fromTenerife. I was trying to remember how long ago that was, so I asked LittleOne if he could remember exactly when Helen told Fife. LittleOne said he remembers it was ‘Right before Daddy went to do a work festival, because he and Mummy fought about it, then he left for the weekend.’

Then I asked, ‘When’s your mum getting married?’ thinking that maybe it wasn’t for several years or something. Lots of people have long engagements.

‘Christmas time, when we’re out of school,’ LittleOne said with a face that seemed more adult than I’ve ever seen it before. In fact, there was a little bit of a smirk.

I couldn’t believe what LittleOne was saying. It may seem odd that I am obsessing about when Helen told Fife about Dave’s proposal, but I have my reasons. Fife told me that he was getting a divorce as we drove back from the book festival, and he made it seem like he was the one asking for a divorce. He made it seem like the divorce was all his decision, and it was the best way for he and I to be together. And the whole moving out of the house, ‘living separately’ thing, he made that sound like it was his decision as well. But more likely, Helen’s asked for a divorce because she wants to remarry, and she’s kicked Fife out of the house so her fiancé could move in. Would Fife have asked for a divorce if Helen hadn’t planned to remarry? Would Fife still be keeping the status quo, with me hanging on the side like some sort of mistress? I know I’m not too chuffed to have him living in my house, but he needn’t lie. I can’t believe he’s been keeping this from me. I don’t have a problem with the fact that Helen instigated this, I’m livid because Fife acted like he was being all altruistic, and all of this was for the benefit of me.  

I’m so angry I can’t see straight.


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