A Cult Following

Right, there is such wonderfully amazingly cool shit going down at work, that it’s almost made me forget that I’m a miserable snob.

Conspiracy’s first book has officially gone cult viral.

I was tootling around the internet today, and I came across a website dedicated to Conspiracy’s book. (Obviously the first book, because the second isn’t published yet.) And all these people are going on about, and there’s even loads of comments like ‘I was reading his work like ten years ago man.’ ‘No way, I met him a Nirvana show in like 91.’ ‘Ah dude, I was sitting at the feet of the master when I was foetal.’ You know, that internet one-up-manship stuff.

Plus, this whole recluse author thing seems to be working for him, and rumours are spreading that he’s actually Hunter S Thompson who actually faked his death and moved to the UK. Right, that comment might have been a joke, but people do love the fact that he won’t do interviews. And I’m not really sure how the rumour started that he refuses to do interviews, because I don’t think anyone’s ever asked him for an interview. It’s absolutely bonkers.

So, I kept digging and people are blogging, Tweeting and generally chatting about Conspiracy’s book. I looked at his sales and they’ve certainly gone up.

I had a thought. I went and looked at his blog (you know, the anonymous one I want to turn into a book), and a quite a few of the bloggers who have been talking about his first book seem to be following his anonymous blog. I’m sure they don’t know it’s the same person, but it’s the same voice and style of writing, so it makes sense that if people like his first book, those same people would like the blog – even if they aren’t linking the authors.

Anyway, I really think the book/blog would sell, and I need think about putting it to publishers. Wow, this is actually kind of exciting.


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