One More Maybe

I am on a deal making high. That adrenaline that Fife found in laser tag, I’ve gotten from chatting about a book deal. I can’t believe what a rush this is.

PoshMum rang me late today and apologised for not getting back in touch sooner. I got right down to the point, and told her about wanting to sell the film rights to Conspiracy’s book. I said that Actor was definitely in on it if the project got the greenlight, and her ex-husband was interested. (Yes, that last part was stretching the truth a bit, but he hasn’t yet said, ‘no’.) I pitched the book and expected to get in to a discussion of stuff like character rights and sequel rights, but she stopped me short when I even broached that topic. She said to send her a copy of the book, and she’d think it over.

She’s in the US at the moment and would prefer an electronic copy.

No problem, that’s my preference as well.

Right, so I’ve got one ‘yes’ and two ‘maybe’s. Let’s just hope that Conspiracy’s book will sell itself. I’m so excited AND nervous AND kind of happy that no one has told me ‘You have no idea what you’re doing, fuck right off.’ Or they haven’t said that yet.


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