Overheard Inheritance

I spent the morning helping Loraine wrap up some details on a few book sales. She had to leave the office as soon as I came in and was gone for most of the morning, and she came back mumbling under her breath. Evidently, LadyBohemia left Loraine a nice little inheritance, but a massive chunk is going to inheritance tax (hence the aggressive mumbling to herself), but luckily the amount that’s left will be enough to pull things out of remittance. Actually, I overheard the whole thing, which is why it’s all a bit awkward, and I feel like I should say something but can’t.

If the inheritance will pay off some bills, can I talk Loraine into keeping the Agency open a little longer? PoshDad said he’d need a few weeks to read the book and get back to me, so it would be very helpful if the Agency’s existence was prolonged. But since I discovered that Loraine’s getting a bit of money from an inheritance through eavesdropping, I can’t very well ask about it.

Later in the day, London called me, and when I saw it was her number I remembered the horrible thing that I’d done – I’d talked London out of taking a job with a book packager and now she’s about to be unemployed. The phone continued to ring and my heart sank.

I answered expecting her to chew me out, but instead the first thing she said was, ‘So, I hear you’re working on a film deal.’

I sheepishly said ‘yes’, and that’s when she started giving me pointers. What to push for and how to negotiate. She was being friendly and genuinely helpful. I felt even guiltier, so I asked, ‘You’re not angry with me?’

She was taken back and asked ‘Why on earth would I be angry with you?’

‘Because I talked out of taking that job with the book packager.’

London laughed and said, ‘You didn’t talk me out of anything. I made that decision on my own; you just told me what I wanted to hear. Deep down I didn’t want to leave, and when the Agency closes, I’ll probably go out on my own. I don’t want to be with something as corporate as a book packager.’

My god I was relieved. Unbelievably relieved.

I told London about Loraine’s inheritance, and asked if she thought that might keep the Agency open for a little longer. London didn’t seem to think so, as she believes that Loraine’s got more than just monetary reasons for wanting to get out of the business. Then she added, ‘But don’t let that stop you from trying to pull off this film rights deal. We may as well go down fighting. And you never know what it will lead to.’ (She sounds like you bloggy followers.)

I’m just now squirreled away in my little café for lunch and a bit of blogging, but I’d better get back into the office. Lots of work to do that has nothing to do with film rights. I mean, that may never get pulled off, so no point in letting the other opportunities slide.


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