White lies and selling books

Since it could take months to get a film deal – weeks for the producer and director to read the book, and if they agree on even making a deal it will take more time to negotiate – I needed to find another way to bring in some much needed cash. So, I thought I’d try to push Conspiracy’s blog/book. This was something I was supposed to start doing before LadyBohemia died, but with Loraine gone and me helping Paris while working with several of Loraine’s clients, the book/blog has taken more of a hiatus than I would have liked.

I contacted the Editor I met at that Festival (the one who is MyAuthor’s new Editor – for those of you who don’t know who MyAuthor is, she’s a woman I met back when I was interning at MNM) and asked if she’d be interested in a pitch of Conspiracy’s new book/blog. I’d heard that she was commissioning at the moment, so I hoped it was good timing.

Unfortunately, though, she said she doesn’t really do the whole book to blog thing because of the ‘self competition’ situation, so I told her that he’d completely rewritten it. It was like a new book, and he’s got a strong following – from both the first book and the anonymous blog. She still sounded a bit dubious, so I threw caution to the wind once again and said that his first book looks like it’ll be made into a film.

There was silence before she asked about the sales of the first book. I said that they’d spiked in the last few months as he’s gotten a bit of a cult following, and Actor was even slotted to play the protagonist in the film.

Shrewd woman that she is, asked, ‘Why aren’t his current publishers picking up the second book?’

I finally gave an honest answer, ‘His sales were down for quite a while and they passed before his numbers picked up.’

She was quiet then said, ‘Go ahead. Send me the manuscript.’

I sent everything over as soon as I hung up. Now, I just need to hope that I sell the second book before the film deal goes tits up, especially as it seems that a potential film deal on the first book is the only reason she’s interested in the second.


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