The Game Changer

Massive big news. Crazy day. I’m in London right now.

I went into the office and Loraine was still in the house, so I poked my head around and asked if she could join me on a phone call. I then rang London and Paris. (If you’ll notice the other London agent hasn’t been around much, she got quite ill around the same time Loraine went on leave, and then other London agent went of on sick leave for stress, leaving her clients to London, so no one’s too pleased with her at the moment.)

On the call, I told everyone about PoshMum, PoshDad and Actor. There was silence. Had I screwed up? Did I do something wrong?

Then all at once everyone erupted in cheers. No one could believe it. Hell, I can hardly believe it.

Now, we’ve just got the problem of getting me there.

Paris said she’s been having a dig, and if I don’t mind going a weird route, she can have me fly out to Gulf Port,Mississippi tomorrow – if I can get R’s girlfriend to collect me. I asked about costs, and she said she has tons of frequent flier miles she’d be happy to give me. However, I’d have to cover the costs of the taxes and the fee to transfer the miles to me. And Loraine said she’d be more than happy to cover that expense.

And, looks like there’s no need for me to stay in New Orleans and hike it back and forth to Biloxi, as London’s got Hilton Honours points and can book me into the Hilton in Biloxi for free. Holy shit.

They all went away to sort that stuff out, and I rang R’s girlfriend. As she answered the phone really groggy, I remembered the time difference and realised that it’s still the middle of the night. But, things were moving fast and I had to get organised.

‘Fancy a free weekend inBiloxi?’ I said.

She hung up.

I rang back and let her know who was calling this time.

‘Did you just ring me?’ she said yawning.

‘Yes,’ I answered.

‘Oh, I thought you were a telemarketer.’

‘No. As it turns out I will be Biloxi over the next couple of days, and I kind of need a chauffeur. And you said you’d collect me from the airport and all. Well, would you want to meet me in Biloxi, and spend a few days there. On me. All you have to do is drive me a few places.’

She yawned and said, ‘Sure. Not working at the moment. Should be fun.’

I said I’d email her with the details.

I got the email from PoshMum’s PA the evening before, and I responded by saying that I’d be there at the end of the week. By noon she’d sent further information on how, where and when to meet PoshMum.

Here’s my itinerary:

  • Fly out of Heathrow tomorrow morning (I’ve already taken a plane to London, and I’m at home just now, but more about that in a bit.)
  • Arrive in Gulf Port late on Thursday
  • RGirlfriend (or RGirl) picks me up and we go some sort of Hilton in Biloxi
  • Meet with PoshMum on Friday. (As it turns out the shoot is on some swampy beachy place outside of Biloxi. I guess they’re looking for authenticity, but honestly I have no idea what this film is about, so who knows. So, PoshMumPA has sent all the directions and contact numbers and such.)
  • Saturday is a day off, because the soonest they could fly me back on frequent flier miles is Sunday. Oh, and I’ve been told that I am extremely lucky to have gotten frequent flier seats at such a late minute. Does this mean that the literary gods are shining upon me, and I’ll walk away with a deal? I certainly hope so. (I’ve emailed all my New Orleans friends and a few that don’t have to work are coming over to Biloxi to meet me on the Saturday. You’d be surprised how many Americans work on weekends. I suggested that we have a beach day, and they said Biloxi is shit. How about we hit the casinos or the bars? Right now, I’m on too much of a high to argue.)
  • Sunday fly out and arrive back in London on Monday morning. Hopefully with film rights deal worth in hand.

I popped home for lunch to pack, and as I walked home I rang HarryPotter. He’s being really supportive and also really cheeky. He told me that I can’t get too up my own arse with these Hollywood deals, because I’m too ‘ginger’ to be a Hollywood A-Lister. I reminded him that ginger girls could be whatever they want in life, while dorky geek men are stuck playing with computers.

To which he added, ‘And running the world’s largest companies.’

Oh, and I also needed to tell Fife that I wouldn’t be around until Monday. As I’m normally not home for lunch, he thought I’d come home to apologise for the night before. (We still weren’t speaking this morning.) But obviously that wasn’t the case. Although, I was not in the mood for another fight. Not now.

I calmly told him that I was going to the States for work and I wouldn’t be back until Monday, then I walked into the bedroom and started to back.

The first thing he said was ‘Bullshit. Off to the States for work. What the fuck. Why would they send you to the US for work?’

That was it. I was livid. Doesn’t he listen to what I say? Why would I make up going to the US for work? Why would I ever use my work as an excuse to do something else? Angry, I told him WHY they would send me to the US for work. I (re)told him everything about getting a hold of PoshMum and PoshDad. About Actor. And then I told him the situation with PoshMum wanting to meet me this week, or else I’d have to wait until August. I was breathless when I talked, from excitement for my situation and because I was angry that he questioned my honesty.

‘So this is it then?’ he said.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked. ‘Fuck, I can’t deal with a break up just now,’ I thought.

‘This could make your career,’ he said.

I said that yes it could, and he responded with, ‘We better get you packed then.’

Right, I’m only gone for four days but I’ve brought way too much. I’m sure it will be hot, but I don’t do sun. So I’ll need clothes that are light, but that also cover me up. And a bathing suit for the beach day. And what if we go out on Saturday night? How am I supposed to dress for this meeting with PoshMum. It’s a business deal, but we’re meeting on location in a swamp. I brought clothes for all contingencies and I figured I’d sort it out once I’m there.

Fife said he’d drive me to Edinburgh later in the day so I could catch the flight to London. One thing I’ll say about Fife, he may fly off the handle and over react, but he never stays mad, and I do love that about him.

On my way back out the flat, I knocked on Posh’s door. I wanted to tell her thanks for the connection and that I was going to see her mum. All she said was, ‘That’s nice. Tell her “hello” for me.’ Then she shut the door. Hm, family tension? Yeah, I’ll stay out of that one. 

Back in the office, however, there was even more excitement. I checked my email to find that while I was packing I received two emails: one from NewBoobs at MNM (the person taking Boobs place while she’s on maternity) and one from Fife’s Editor. They had both magically heard that I had a book up for commission, and the first book by the author was in the middle of film rights. They’re each individually interested in picking up the second book.

I rang both editors and explained that it’s already being looked at by a third agency. NewBoobs then said, ‘Just because you’re in negotiations for a film deal with his current book, if it gets pulled off, it doesn’t mean the film will get made. And if it doesn’t, then you can’t guarantee sales on the second book.’

I then explained that, ‘No sales are ever guaranteed,’ then I went on to state Actor’s and PoshDad’s involvement. And while the PoshDad involvement is a bit of a white lie, as he hasn’t gotten back in touch with me, I then added a whopper of a lie, ‘I’m going out to the US this week to meet with the producer (not the lie), and I believe she’s organising backing at the moment as she wants this thing to start soon. Who ever gets the second book could easily tie its launch in with the release of the film adaptation.’

Yeah, stating that PoshMum was looking at backing was a big whopper of a lie. Although, I’m sure she can’t just buy things willy nilly. She’s got to talk to her financers, so maybe it wasn’t that big of a lie. No, it probably was.

I then called Fife’s editor, who was much more casual. She said that Fife had rung her and put a little bug in her ear about Conspiracy’s blog/book. Funnily, this editor had passed on Conspiracy’s first book, and now she wants the second. How things change when Hollywood gets involved. We chatted for a bit, and I told her that we have two other interested parties, to which she answered, ‘You’ll be going to auction then?’

I said, ‘Yes’, before I even realised what that meant.

As soon as I hung up, I got Loraine and put London  andParis back on conference call. We all agreed that the book blog would go to auction, and they would sort it out while I was away.

I asked them if one of them would please want to join me. I can’t do this on my own. While each said they would love to, no one can afford the last minute flights, and Paris has given me all of her air miles. Loraine said she considered putting it on expenses, because if this pays off it will cover the cost of flights. But right now, financially, she just can’t risk it. So, it’s up to me.

Right, I’m sitting at home (mum’s house home) just now kind of freaking out. M’s coming over in a bit to calm me down, which means to ply me with drink, but there is no way I’m getting drunk the night before a transatlantic flight. So, he’ll have to put away his booze and just let me ramble.

God I’m nervous. Is this all really happening? No can’t be. I must be dreaming. Maybe I’m a character in someone’s book. No, that can’t be right, my life is normally far too mundane for that. Nope, this is it. I’m going to the US to try and pitch some film rights.

Wish me luck!

4 responses to “The Game Changer

  1. Goodness again! I just saw the email you sent. See you soon, I hope! And good luck. 🙂

  2. Just now waiting for my flight. Shall text when I’m there.

  3. Good luck! Your life is so darn exciting 🙂

  4. Good luck! I can totally understand the nervousness. (Who wouldn’t be nervous?!) But your ingenuity got you this far, and it WILL carry you through! Plus, everyone at the Agency sounds like they’re behind you 100%. They’ll only be a phone call away! And there are lots and lots of folks ready with a pep talk. 🙂

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