Cupid is a Sofa

Biloxi. Wow. Biloxi.

RGirl picked me up at the airport and we checked into our hotel. Turns out we were quite lucky to get a place, especially on points, as it was ‘Scraping the Coast’ that weekend. Scraping the Coast is an organised boy racer event in which low riders parade up and down the main drag down the beach, right in front of our hotel.

There wasn’t much happening on the Thursday and Friday, but I was glad we were leaving on the Saturday. Plus, evidently, all of Biloxi was booked, and the hotel clerk said we probably got the last room in Biloxi.

We got in pretty late Thursday night, so we just did beer and fast food in the hotel room and chatted. I adore RGirl. I didn’t get to hang out with her that much when I was in New Orleans, because she was in Baton Rouge. In fact, it was probably her Baton Rouge residence that allowed me to stay with R so long. He spend most of his weekends in BR, leaving me to have his bed while he was away. RGirl confided in me that she thinks that it was because of me their relationship got so serious. If I hadn’t been under foot all the time in his flat, he wouldn’t have come to Baton Rouge so much. Look at that, cupid’s form is a friend on a sofa.

We drank and talked, and I really had a good time. I’m so glad RGirl was there, or else I would have been way too nervous the night before the big meeting.

As we weren’t meant to meet PoshMum until later in the day, RGirl and I got up and hit the beach. The sand was okay, but the water was kind of brownish. RGirl said that this is because Biloxi is so close to the Mississippi River, it gets all the mud. We walked down to the casino along a bridge that went under the overpass (that sounds like the name of a poem at a poetry slam session ‘The Bridge Under the Overpass’) and had a wander through there. But I couldn’t calm my nerves, plus it was filled with cigarette smoke and I was so worried that I’d come out smelling like smoke, and I didn’t think that was too professional.

So, I suggested that we leave and spend the rest of the day by the pool. After a bit of swimming I felt a lot more comfortable. When it was time, I got showered and put on my short sleeved blazer and business trousers. RGirl also put on her business outfit, as we decided that she was going to be there as my PA.

Right, it’s getting late, and I’m still at work. I’m going to stop this blog here, and I’ll write another one that has all the meeting stuff in it tonight. The kids are in the house, so it may have to be a Bathtub Non-Blogroll.


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