When he grows up

Got into work this morning, and filled in Loraine on the situation. She rightly said that this requires an Agency conference call, one which Conspiracy should be in on. I rang him, but he angrily told me that he’s busy until half ten, the call would have to wait. Wow, after all this, a film deal and a three-book deal auction on the table, and he’s too busy to discuss it. Why have I taken up his writing as my cause?

I’ve got an hour before the call, and I should be working, but I can’t focus. So, I’m going to blog instead.

When I got back on Monday night, I found kids in the house. Their last day of school is Friday, but Helen’s in London the first half of the week. So Fife is up in the morning bringing them to school, then all the way back in the afternoon to pick them up. I asked him what was going on with the house, just because he NEEDS to live closer to his kids. It’s over an hour between the Dundee flat and the Fife house, and this whole thing is not only getting a bit ridiculous, but it’s also making him permanently grumpy. Part of the reason I fell for him was his cheery demeanor, so I want this sorted.

He snapped at me when I asked about the house, so I’ve decided to let the matter drop. At least summer holidays are almost here, and he won’t be travelling back and forth as much.

I got up with the gang this morning. Or more accurately, it’s hard to sleep through the commotion of two young boys and a grown man getting ready in the morning. I hadn’t had a chance to talk to the kids much since I’ve been back, so BigOne asked me how the meeting in Biloxi went.

I went through it all with him, and he asked what it was like being on a film set? Did I see any famous actors? Have I talked to Actor? And then he suggested that PoshMum should film the blog/book in Fife. And if she does, can he maybe be an extra? I told him that he may be getting ahead of himself a bit, but if the film gets made I’m sure we can put in a good word for him with the extras crew.

Then BigOne told me that he’s read Conspiracy’s blog/book. I was quite surprised by this for two reasons. 1) It’s quite adult reading. While I’m impressed that he’s got such a high reading level, the content is far too mature. 2) How did he get a copy of the book?

I started to get a bit paranoid. Has he been on my laptop? If so, has he seen this blog? Holy shit, has he told Fife about the blog?

Consciously, I asked when he’d read the blog. It’s only just been written and edited.

‘[Conspiracy] showed it to me,’ he said nonchalantly.

Ah! Whew. I’d completely forgotten that Conspiracy was his neighbor. But still, to show a child a manuscript was a but strange. I asked why Conspiracy showed him the book.

‘He always shows me his writing. His stories, his plays…’

‘His plays?’ I interrupted. I didn’t even know he wrote plays.

BigOne continued, ‘I was the one that showed Dad [Conspiracy]’s first book and suggested that he should get it published.’

Hmm. I’d been lead to believe that Fife was Conspiracy’s big supporter, when this entire time it’s been his son. And, noting Fife’s writing style, BigOne may have better taste in fiction than his father.

‘You’ve got a good eye,’ I told him. ‘You should be a publisher when you grow up.’

‘Nah. No money in it,’ he said. ‘I’m going to be an agent. That’s where it’s at.’

Wow. Like me. I was so chuffed.

It was time for them to leave, so Fife started yelling for everyone to get their books and bags.

Maybe BigOne and I are becoming friends. Who would have thought it?


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