Sarah’s Lot

Entering the café I saw Sarah immediately; she was sitting at a table in the corner. As I approached she stood up.

She’s pregnant.

Quite pregnant. 

I started counting backwards in my mind, and there’s no way she’ll be having a Scotland conceived baby.

We stood at the table for a minute in silence before she said, ‘It’s Pete’s.’

 As if I thought she was such a ho-bag she turned up to Dundee preggers with someone else’s baby, but scammed Pete into taking responsibility for it. Actually…no, even Sarah wouldn’t do that.

We sat down and once the look of shock wore off my face, I said, ‘You hid that well.’

‘Only started showing just before we moved’, she responded.

She was drinking a reddish coloured tea, and the waitress brought over a pot of tea for me. ‘I thought I’d order for you.’

‘Thanks,’ I said.

The natural inclination was to make small talk, but that would have been ridiculous in the situation. So, there was no reason for me not to jump right in, ‘Why didn’t you say anything?’

‘I didn’t even tell Pete,’ she said. ‘Well not until we left yours.’ She explained that she came to Dundee to see him, just to see him. She had been kicked out of Thailand and didn’t know what to do next. She said she was kind of hoping that Pete and I wouldn’t even be together, that perhaps we were just mates. But she turned up, and we were together. Sarah said she thought about leaving, so many times when she first arrived, she thought about just leaving one day, but the old chemistry between she and Pete was too strong. They got together, and everything snowballed. She couldn’t find the words to tell him she was pregnant, they had no place to go, and she was full of the hormones.

God I felt bad for the old slag, I wish she would have come to me. Even if I weren’t with Fife, I think I would have understood. Actually, maybe I wouldn’t have, but seeing her there, in an old jumper that was way too tight, with her belly sticking out. I felt quite sad.

It all went quiet, and once again, I felt like this was not the time for small talk. So, I said, ‘I’ve missed you…I’ve also hated you…but I’ve missed you.’

‘I’ve missed you too,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry. I should have been honest. I shouldn’t have snuck around…I was just scared. I didn’t know what to do.’

She didn’t need to say anymore. She’s never had a good relationship with her mum, and she hasn’t seen her dad in years. She didn’t have anywhere to go.

‘I kept thinking that I wasn’t pregnant. All through morning sickness, I kept thinking that it was just my period. Said to myself, this isn’t pregnancy hormones, my period is about to start. This is PMT. It’ll start at any moment,’ and she looked down at her belly, ‘It never did.’

‘I bet you never thought you’d miss your period,’ I said.

She laughed and said she’s looking forward to owning tampons again.

I said that I heard she was living in Erskine. Sarah leaned forward and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but I didn’t even know Pete had relatives in Scotland. Not until you turffed us out.’

‘Is his dad really Scottish?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. I have no idea why he never got a British passport,’ she said.

‘What was he thinking?’ I questioned.

‘I have no idea. He honestly never even thought about getting one. That whole time we were at your house, he kept saying that he didn’t have anywhere else to live. Believe me, I brought up leaving several times. I could have killed him when I found out he had relatives just an hour or so away the whole time.’

‘So, Pete’s not a dick?’ I asked.

‘No. He’s just thick,’ she said.

I thought about saying, ‘Let’s hope the baby takes after you,’ but I thought better of it.

Sarah then asked me about work, and I filled her in. My lunch break was eventually over and I had to go. As I left the cafe, I realised that I still hadn’t eatten any lunch, and I couldn’t very well go back.

So, I’ve nipped into another cafe for a quick toastie and a blog before getting back to the office.

I can honestly say that I’ve forgiven Sarah, but I don’t know if our friendship is fixed yet. But atleast I’m not angry with her any longer. And well, Pete, Pete’s just Pete.


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