Party Freak Out

I’m freaking out about Posh’s going away party tonight for two reasons:

  1. While I’ve made peace with Sarah, her and Pete’s presence is going to cause an almighty stir. Everyone at Posh’s party will remember me as Pete’s girlfriend, and Sarah as my mate. So when they turn up together, with her prego, there will be talking. And before when she was just a slag and he was a cheat, I was the victim. But now that she’s got a bun in the oven, I’m the dastardly bastard that kicked a woman with child to the streets. Then again, a lot of Posh’s friends are as clueless as her, so maybe they won’t notice. Half of them never remember me anyway.
  2. HarryPotter and Fife are going to come face-to-face, then HP’s going to crash on my sofa. I have no idea why I’m sweating this. I just feel like nothing good can come of HP and Fife meeting.

I guess that’s it. Just two things. But I can’t stop thinking about them.


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