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After HP’s little shop purchase last night, the rest of the evening was back to tense. He didn’t make me run off to the bathroom right than moment and pee on a stick, but it sat there in that stupid blue and pink box on the floor of the lounge for the rest of the evening. I wanted to kicked under something, or put it in the bin. But I couldn’t. It was calling to me, asking me to let it reveal my fate. It’s still sitting on the floor.

Okay, I’m being melodramatic. But I’m allowed that little self-indulgence after what I’ve been through.

HP slept on the floor in the lounge, and I was back on the bedtress. I told him that it was okay for him to share the bed with me. I wouldn’t mind. But he said he was okay with the floor in the living room and the sleeping bag he’d brought with him. He offered to come back tonight after work, but I said it wouldn’t be necessary, and I meant it. I have a feeling that Fife won’t be back.

Whoops. I’m blogging about HP again. I can’t bloody stop myself. It’s like an addiction.

Loraine and I rang London and Paris this morning to give them the good news about the film deal, and we’ve decided to let London handle this one.

We also finally heard back from several US publishers today. Two sent an email to say that they received the material and they will be reviewing it. Another has already passed, and two others wanted to talk. Paris arranged Skype meetings for late in the day US time (evening for us). One publisher was only interested in the first book. Paris was quite savvy and told them that we were only interested in a three book deal, as the books are ready to go. Then she spun it as a better option for them, because if the film was made they would regret not buying the rights to that book. They asked what kind of figure we were thinking of, but whenParistyped it out onto the messenger of Skype the deal was automatically off. And this is whereParisis an excellent agent. She didn’t come down in price, she just said ‘That’s our figure. We’ve got other publishers interested, so it’s our starting point for auction.’

The publisher then said, ‘It’s been nice speaking with you, let us know the next time you have a suitable project.’

I was so impressed with Paris. I wanted to throw it at them for a bargain price. I was so nervous; I probably would have given it to them without an advance to just get it sold in the US. Paris said that she wasn’t willing to waver on the advance because that particular publisher’s sales have been down lately, and they were late getting into ebooks. She wasn’t convinced that they could push the book properly. She was more optimistic about the other publisher anyway.

We went into that call, and Paris did her thing. They unofficially negotiated on an advance, and I talked about promotions. I said that Conspiracy is a very reclusive author, and I gave them my pitch on how to promote him through online avenues only (as opposed to book signings and readings), and how we could build his mystique as a selling point. Plus, it would be cheaper than flying him to the US and doing a North American book tour.

The publishers were really into my marketing ideas, they were okay with the figures Paris had suggested, and we were in agreement on other aspects of the book regarding print runs and such. Then they said what all agents love to hear, ‘We’ll take it to the Board.’ They said that they happen to have a Board meeting tomorrow, we should know by the end of the week if we have a deal.

Oh, and we contacted the two publishers who said they were reviewing the material to tell that a deal was off the table. Paris said that we could have tried to see if they wanted to go to auction, but we’re all weary of putting Conspiracy through that again.

Finally, some thing is going right. Touch wood. Fingers crossed. And all that bit. Well, it’s getting quite late because I had to hang about to have the conference call on US eastern time. Although, that stupid pee stick is still lying on the floor in my lounge. I really don’t want to go home and face it, but I guess I’ve got too. If my period won’t start, then I’ve got to face the music.

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  1. Huzzah for some good news! Fingers and toes totally crossed and whatnot.

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