Future New Blog (and why I haven’t been blogging)

I’ve been rubbish at posting. When I decided to stop blogging predominately about my life, I had grand plans of giving the site a make-over. Informational posts only. Kind of a publishing journalism sort of thing. As you can see that never happened.

Although, I do have my excuses. Here they are:

*Edinburgh Book Fest (AMAZING!)
*Spending nearly two weeks getting caught up with everything that I had to let slide during the Book Fest and following up on contacts made in Edinburgh
*Two weeks holiday (A few days at home, then ten days in Turkey with HP)
*Prep for Frankfurt Book Fest
*Frankfurt Book Fest next week

Oh, and doing the Dundee-to-Glasgow-commuter-relationship with HP, takes up more time than you’d think.

So, new plan. Once I’m back from Germany I’ll give NFTI the big ‘ol make-over it deserves. I promise.

One response to “Future New Blog (and why I haven’t been blogging)

  1. Promises, promises. Still, glad you and HP are still going strong and that all sounds like wonderful experiences to have. Glad you’re having them.

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