Stupid stupid data

I am the biggest fuck wit. Talked the crew into buying a proper database. One that we can record all kinds of stats on that we can gather from social media and other such junk, and then use to target specific readers. It will also help us keep track of our authors and royalties and payments and such. And it will help us keep track of our best performing publishers.

Sounds like a very smart and practical thing, right? No. Wrong.

Because now someone has to not only sort the whole thing out, get it set up, and keep it maintained, and because it was my fucking brilliant idea, I’m the one who has to do it. I know I’m a bit slow sometime, but I seriously thought it would be automated. I had no idea someone would have to actually key all thus stuff into the system. Shouldn’t everything be automated by now. We are living in the times if Back to the Future 2 for fuck’s sake.

Damn it! Not only do I have no time for this, it’s both complicated AND boring. How is that possible?

Stupid technology.

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