Best time to submit

posting a letterAugust for anyone is the arts is a busy month, but for those of us in Scotland it’s bedlam. Book Festival, International Festival, Film Festival, and, of course The Fringe and all the Fringe related activities, including (but not limited to) the Whiskey Fringe. Yeah, you heard me right. The Whiskey Fringe. And yes, I like Whiskey now. It’s taken a while, but I’m all over that brown alcohol. Wait. That makes me sound like an alchy. Which I certainly am not. Anyway, rambling…

Even if I didn’t see a single show, Edinburgh in August is the time to meet people, schedule meetings and discover new talent. So, with this in mind, if you plan on pitching to an agent I would wait until September to do so.

However, as for me, after the last day of the festival I’m heading to the US for a much needed holiday and wedding (not mine), then to Amsterdam in October for the World Publishing Expo, then Christmas sales start. Maybe new year is a better time to contact agents. Actually, there is never a good time. So, just send your work when it’s ready and we’ll get to reading it when we can.

Sorry, this post didn’t turn out as helpful as it was in my head. Really tired.

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