My Mad Schedule

Just got some interesting additions to my calender.

Paris was supposed to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair and I would go to the World Publishing Expo. The Frankfurt Book Fair is much more our thing, as the World Publishing Expo is more newsy. However, as we’re dealing with more and more non-fiction titles and beginning to dable in representing authors who work in cross-platform media, we thought that this year we should go to both. However, Paris now can’t make it as her husband is away and there is no one to watch their daughter (the au pair has asked off for that week, and evidently some sort of nanny style drama is ensuing). Oh yeah, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged reguarly, so you don’t know about Paris. Paris met a guy in France and married him, and he has a daughter who lives with him, and now Paris is suddenly a mum. But the girl is super cute, and Paris’ husband is so hunky. He’s Swiss but has dark hair. Sexy and mysterious.

Anyway, London and Loraine can’t go either for various personal reasons, so I’m going to do both. I’m in Amsterdam from the 7-9 (leaving after the seminar on new revenue streams) then over to Frankfurt that same day until the 12th, then come back and covertly hit the Dundee Lit Fest. I also have two completed manuscripts due to me from clients in October, and we’re debuing a couple of new authors in September hoping we can get them going for Christmas sales. I am so stressed about this autumn, and it’s only the beginning of August.

I skipped the Book Fest in Edinburgh today because I hear it’s knee deep in rain, and there’s no one I HAVE TO see today. But back over tomorrow.

Let the craziness of the publishing industry in autumn begin!

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