I Hate Weddings

I’ve been winging about my schedule, right? Well, it just got crazier.

I was supposed to go to the States the first weekend in September for R and RGirl’s wedding. But, there’s been loads of drama about them getting married, like typical wedding stuff…her family wanted pink flowers and his family wanted the wedding in the UK because he has some relatives that can’t go to the US because they’ve already had their holidays for the year and they all went to Malta or something and why couldn’t the wedding have been in Malta, and R and RGirl only decided on a date like a month ago, because they’re normal and don’t see the point in spending three years planning a wedding, and so because of the nearing date both sides of the family have erupted into all kinds of bickering. So, they said ‘fuck it’ and went got married without them. Like yesterday.

They didn’t tell anyone, just went down to the courthouse (or whatever) in Denver where they live now and got married.

Her family is livid, his family is livid, but it made sense.

What this means (other than the fact that R is the first of the gang to become Mr — as in half of a Mr and Mrs) is that I’m not going to the US, which is okay because I booked the ticket on air miles, so I just have to cancel it.

However, their little plan backfired because the families wouldn’t let them cancel the wedding in its entirety and all it’s schnanigans, so they are now being forced to have two weddings. Oh the power of family.

They’re going down to Louisiana next week, and her family is going throw them a wedding reception. Then, they’re coming over to the UK, and his family is throwing a wedding reception.

However, this doesn’t mean that I can just throw my hands up, head down to Surrey for the weekend and be done with it. No, his family were being such drama heads about the UK wedding — and he and RGirl not being in the UK to help plan — that he’s asked me to step in an help plan the damn thing…since I’m in the UK. I tried to explain that I live in Scotland, and it would be so much easier to get Donna to help, but he wasn’t having it. Supposedly, he thinks Donna has no taste, which I agree. But still, this is going to be a pain in the arse. And he said, ‘Since it’s just a reception and not a wedding, really you’re just helping them throw a party.’

The good news is that his parents have moved to Hampshire from Birmingham so I can just crash at my mum’s and I don’t have to worry about a hotel, plus this can be a trip to see mum AND the wedding. So, two birds killed and all that.

However, I now have to help throw a party for 100 people, on the other side of the country, while I’m in the busiest season of my job.

Thanks R. Hope you and RGirl are happy.

PS-Saw this band at the Fringe called Victorian Trout Conspiracy. Quite like them. Check them out.


One response to “I Hate Weddings

  1. Just remind yourself how much you love R, what a great friend he’s been, etc., etc. Good luck. And also, lol. Only you.

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