When did we grow up?

At Kings Cross and waiting for the train back to Dundee and while the sore head my be gone, my complete lack of ability to recognise at which point myself and my friends turned into adults is still in the forefront.

Right, so as you may have noticed from my Sunday post, it was Rich’s wedding and the entire gang was in attendance. He originally was supposed to have the wedding in the US, but at the last minute they changed venues. They had a registry ceremony where his parents live and a knees-up at the Village Hall, and they did the same thing in the US a week ago where RichGirl (I think that was my old bloggy code name for her. I can’t remember. Let’s call her Sally because that’s her name and I’m not in the mood for code names today). Anyway, Rich is from Birmingham, but his parents moved back to the Home Counties where they were originally from after retirement. So, all of Rich’s friends and family were there at this wedding and they were a really good laugh.

Plus, it was the first time all of the old gang has been together in one place since Uni graduation. Yeah, I’ve seen them all, but not everyone together in over four years. Like, it’s crazy. We’ve been out of Uni for longer than I was in Uni. I’m just not getting my head around this.

Everyone was there including Sarah and Mike. Mike was with his new girlfriend who Mike is obviously in love with, but I don’t know. She seemed a bit of a chav. (Sorry but she was slut-popping Rich’s great uncle. Not classy.) And Sarah was there, not drinking as she’s just found out she’s pregnant, again. Pete wasn’t in attendance, but they’re still living together in Scotland.

So, for those of you that aren’t NFTI followers, here’s the concise version of the Sarah and Mike story:

Mike was my childhood best friend and hung out with me at Uni where he met Sarah and they dated. Then after Sarah graduated, they went travelling and Sarah dumped him in Thailand for a yoga instructor and Mike was very sad. Then I went travelling and met Pete in Australia, and after I came back to the UK he went to Thailand and stayed with Sarah per my suggestion. Then Pete came to the UK and we had a relationship despite the fact he was annoying as fuck and I started to see someone else. Then Sarah came back to the UK and stayed with me, but she and Pete were sleeping with each other behind my back, which they had been doing in Thailand, and she was pregnant.

And yes, I am still slightly annoyed with Sarah. I know I shouldn’t be, because I’m with HP now and I never was that into Pete. I don’t know. I had kind of gotten past the she and Pete thing, but we haven’t kept in touch all the same. Then seeing her and Mike, and remembering what she did to Mike. Not on. Maybe there’s a reason I haven’t kept In touch even though she only lives like a couple of hours away. I don’t know, so I guess I should get over it.

Oh so, Mike and Sarah. It was totally awkward at first, especially as everyone was on Team-Mike (that’s right we were on Team-Mike, not ashamed to say it), but by the end we were all reliving old times and that sort of stuff, and it was totally chill.

Let’s see. Donna’s girlfriend and her are so serious, and they would not shut up about the legalisation of gay marriage, which I think may be a hint that there will be another wedding in the future. I have nothing against gay marriage, it’s weddings that are a right ball ache. Between my cousins, HP’s family and now my friends I have spent a fortune on other people’s nuptials.

And, then there’s Betsy. Now, this is the crazy story. Betsy was always the timid one and she was always into babies and stuff. She went out to Europe to teach English to Italian kids, which was totally perfect for her. She’s always been the teacher type. Well, once she got there she wasn’t too happy with the way the language schools are set up — for adults or kids — so she started her own. Now she’s got a chain of schools in Italy and she’s branching into the old Eastern block countries. She’s like doing amazing. None of us ever thought she was the business tycoon type, but I guess that’s all mothering is…the business of a family. She’s channeled her mothering into her business.

Oh, and I adore her Frenchy boyfriend. They’ve been together for ages and he’s so lovely, sexy, well groomed, but just that bit of French nastiness to make him seem dangerous… Sorry, so not cool to be getting hot over my besty’s boyfriend. Been there.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about this. It’s really none of your business, and I may delete this post. I guess I’m just trying to process this suddenly bring an adult thing. We’ve all changed. It’s not as noticeable when I see them all individually for a coffee. In fact, as Donna and Mike are in London, I usually see them when I come down to see mum or when I’m in London for work. But I haven’t seen Rich in over a year, and the same with Betsy. I haven’t talked to Sarah since I stopped blogging regularly. I guess all I can say is that I’m having a bit of an ecumenical crisis and blogging it out has always helped me in the past.

So yeah. When I left Uni I thought I was an adult and I wasn’t, and now I don’t think I’m an adult but I am.

Whatever. I need a coffee before my train.


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