Should I move to Italy (a rhetorical question, hence the lack of a question mark)

Just got off Facetime with Betsy. Before my life was busy, but I didn’t have any major decisions to sort, well…not really. I kind of just let Lorainne, London and Paris make the decision on the sale of the agency. I pretended to be a part of the decision making process, but – in truth – I would have done whatever they said.

You know how I said that Betsy is a major business mogul (okay, she’s not ready to dole out cash on the Dragon’s Den, but she’s not doing too bad), and has set up a chain of English language schools that are based on the teaching model of integration? Okay possibly I didn’t tell you the ‘integration’ part, but that’s because I have no idea what it means. Well, as she’s branching her business into Eastern Europe, she wants to start publishing her own text books, teaching materials, online resources, etc. She said that it dawned on her that her schools are requiring texts, and some publisher is making the profit off her recommendations. If she made her own texts, she would be making the profit. (I have no idea where this Betsy has come from, old Betsy would have hugged it out with the publishers and given them all her profits. Guess people do change…sort of. I bet she still wants to hug the publishers as she steals their business.)

Initially she called to get advice on publishing, then stopped midway through a sentence and said, ‘Come work for me. Move to Italy.’ Actually she shouted that. I argued that I know nothing about education or teaching English, and I haven’t seen a text book in nearly half a decade. She said that I didn’t need to know about that stuff, then she quoted my own words back to me. I had just told her that she needed to get a good team together, and so she’s saying that I could run the publishing arm and hire a team that knows about that stuff.

Holy shit. It wasn’t until I wrote that down that it dawned on me what Betsy is suggesting. She wants me to launch and run a publishing company…in Italy.

Wow. Me. In charge. In sunny Italy. Drinking espresso and Chianti (obviously not together.) and HP is hating his job, and his mum has moved back to be near family (she was born in the Ligura region) would be up for it in a heart beat. But, we do have a mortgage, and no telling if we can sell the house if the referendum goes Yes. And I’ve just locked myself into a job, contract signed for the sale. But there is a get out clause. Don’t know.

HP is out tonight, so I guess I should talk this over with him.

Oh, and I talked to Betsy about Sarah and she said I should talk to her. That things have changed and I was cheating on Pete when he was sleeping with Sarah, which is true. But not having any of that Sarah drama in my life has been nice. Perhaps my nice commenter Jennifer is right.

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