The deal has been done

Deal signed. Was weird though. We met at a solicitor’s office in Edinburgh and there were two guys there who looked a lot alike. They were talking as if they were buying the Agency together, but only one of them signed the paperwork, and no one made any introductions, and everyone acted as if we should just know each other’s names. It was all really rushed and anti-climactic. It was kind of weird. So, not sure who that other person was. Oh well, maybe he was just moral support.

Shortly Lorainne’s will be retired, I’ll need to sort out a home office, and I’ll have a boss…sort of. A boss on paper only. London, Paris and I are to still run the business. Oh, and, I’ll have a wad of cash and job security for five years. Security in publishing. What’s that? I’m not sure any of this has sunk in.


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