Lorainne has just told me that I can continue to work from her home office for another month or so. If you’ll remember, it has a separate entrance. This is going to make my life way easier.

About a year and a half ago, HP and I bought a flat. When he moved to Dundee permanently, he sold his flat in Glasgow, and we were able to buy a flat here.

His flat in Glasgow was in a nightmare of a neighborhood, so he didn’t get as much for it as he had hoped, but as Dundee is a comparatively cheep place to live, we could live in the good end of Dundee. We bought a little flat in the West End, not too far from Lorainne’s. However, even though it’s a two bedroom, the second bedroom is more of a box room and quickly became the dumping ground for all of HPs computer parts and his general gadgetry. So, turning the box room (aka where old Kickstarter projects go to die) into a proper working office is going to be a challenge. This way, I can put it off for another month.

Plus, as I mentioned. I really do no work well from home. Day time telly is too much of a siren song.

PS-Now trying to figure out what’s going on with mum, because there’s ways she can be exempt. Fuck if I understand any of this government shit.


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