Pro and Cons of becoming an ex-pat

After I blogged yesterday, I didn’t go home. I stayed and talked to Lorainne about Betsy’s offer over a glass (actually a bottle) of wine. She really helped me weigh out all the pros and cons of taking up Betsy’s offer to run a publishing company for her:

*Live in Italy
*Launch and run a publishing company
*Great for the CV
*A new and exciting experience
*HP hates his job
*HP has family in Italy
*I am feeling uneasy about the New Agency

*I’d be living in Italy and all the hassle that becoming an ex-pat entails
*I have never launched a publishing company, so I have no idea what I’m getting myself into
*I’ve never been solely responsible for a business’s success, and that’s a huge responsibility, especially when it’s a friend’s business
*I don’t speak Italian
*I don’t know anything about educational publishing
*I can’t assume HP would want to move to Italy just because of his Mum and his crappy job (I still haven’t talked to him about it yet).
*I’ve signed a contract with New Agency, and I have no idea if I can even change my decision at this point and go for a complete buy out.
*I have a mortgage and I have no idea if we can even sell the flat, especially as we don’t know what’s happening in the Referendum. (For those of you living under a rock or outside the UK, Scotland will be voting on it’s independence from the rest of the UK in a few days time. If Scotland becomes its own country, all economic bets are off and there’s no telling if I’ll have any clients or a paycheque, let alone be able to sell the flat. Hmmm. Maybe I should move to Italy, but then a post-Referendum PROS and CONS list may look completely different.)

The CONs list isn’t just longer, and it’s more detailed, meaning that I’ve probably thought about the CONS a little more.

What do you lot, my bloggy-followers, think? I defer to you for help.

One response to “Pro and Cons of becoming an ex-pat

  1. Sheesh, what a crazy decision! Here’s what you do:

    Step 1 – Talk to HP, see how he actually feels about the possibility of moving to Italy. Who knows, maybe this conversation will decide everything? If not, proceed to…
    Step 2 – Wait for the vote and see what happens with Scottish independence. It’s just a few days away, that gives you time to talk to HP.
    Step 3 – After Step 1 and Step 2, if you still want to consider the move, figure out if you can get out of your contract and mortgage and what kind of penalties you’d face if you do.

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