What the hell am I supposed to do with an Intern?

My New Intern

My New Intern

What an atrocious day. The weather is an absolute nightmare. Rain. Wind. Cold. It even feels darker.

About ten o’clock this morning there was a knock on Lorainne’s front door. It was a little lost girl. Well, I say girl, she’s about 19 years old. Lorainne brings this drowned rat through to the office, makes her a cup of tea, and says that I can get her sorted.

I’m looking at this lassie, thinking ‘Sorted? Sorted about what?’

Well, as it turns out, we’ve now got an Intern. And no one decided to warn me about it. Granted, no one told Lorainne either, but she’s retiring. So that doesn’t count. Plus, I’m the one responsible for her, and no one told me. I couldn’t believe it.

Clearly the girl was quite upset. Drowned in rain. No one knew who she was or where she came from. It sucks. I know. But not something I have time to deal with.

Then it got worse. I found out two things that made me hit the roof:

1) Her mum is a friend of Giles. So not only did Giles hire this person without telling me, but he’s just handing out internships to his friend’s kids. SO not on! It’s hard enough getting into publishing without all the YAs taking the good placements. If we were going to do this, we should have hired properly. Put an advert with the Uni. Interviewed. That sort of thing.

2) Which leads me to the next part. Giles isn’t paying her, so ‘hired’ is not the correct term. I think we all know my feelings on unpaid internships. Even if she is a posh, no one should work for free.

She’s a student at Uni, so she couldn’t work full time anyway. So I told her to come in for two hours a day and we’ll pay her £50 a week. £50 for 8 hours work. Cash in hand. That’s fair.

But then I remembered that I can’t just go and make budgetary decisions. I’m not a partner any longer. But sod it. I refuse to support corporate slavery.

Anyway, other than the morality of it all, I have no idea what to do with this person. I mean, yeah. I can use an assistant. But an Intern is not an assistant. You’re supposed to train and teach an intern, not just have them fetch coffee. And I really don’t have time to train anyone. I’m in an ‘it’s quicker to do it myself’ sort of situation at the moment.

So, I just had her dig through the files, see who our clients are, get used to the new database. Actually, I told her she’d be in charge of the database. Come on. I have no idea how to work that thing, and we desperately need it sorted. So, there you go. She’s learning something. She’s getting a skill.

I do not have time for this. I had mum on the phone again about this bedroom tax stuff. So I rang the council for her, and they didn’t have her listed as under occupancy, they didn’t know what letter she was talking about…but they’ll make a note of it now. Just great!


2 responses to “What the hell am I supposed to do with an Intern?

  1. Ha! About the intern. Will you have to change the name of your blog now? 🙂 Also, good luck with the council tax situation. That does not sound fun.

    • Nope. Will not be changing the name. I’m not sure she actually qualifies as an Intern. More of a volunteer who we pay…a little. I was an Intern. Nine months, unpaid, moved across the country. Now that’s an Intern with a capital I. 😉

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