Pros and cons of commuting to London

Work was a bit of a scheduling nightmare today. Spent half the day on the phone with mum trying to sort this council problem. You know, the whole under-occupancy thing, and the other part of the day trying to schedule meetings with various clients and publishers to talk to them about the sale. Not that the sale will affect them, just don’t want them to hear about it through the grapevine.

I was a bit late getting home and was totally surprise to find the HP still wasn’t back from work. So, I took the opportunity to have a long bath. When I got out of the bath, he still wasn’t home, so I figured that I’d catch up on some Tivo.

And, he’s still not home.

He rarely stays at work late. He hates his job. He’s got a graphic design post in town, but he says the work is so boring. It’s mostly basic website and a bit of print design. But the owners are of the do it fast and cheep mindset, nothing innovative or interesting. Then again most of their clients are companies that build parts for the rigs up North, so nothing to really be innovative about. But he really does hate it and is usually home by half five. And, he’s not made friends with people he works with as they, because most of his colleagues have families and aren’t the going out after work type.

So, I have no idea where he is.

I’m really feeling torn at the minute. I’m secretly warming to the idea of moving to London. Well, part time. HP and I have not been getting along, so maybe this is the space we need. You know, absence and the heart growing fonder. We can really use the weekend to focus on each other. We’ll have more to talk about as we’ll be away during the week. And it will help mum out as I’ll be her lodger and she won’t be as under-occupancy. Plus it’ll be good to be around London more. And I can’t work from Lorainne’s forever.

On the other hand, commuting from Kingston into London, and then back to Dundee is going to be expensive and exhausting.

On the other hand, not much I can do about it. This is what I get for having a boss. Maybe I shouldn’t have signed the papers to sell. Well, not much to be done about it now.


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