A dream about my sister

HP still wasn’t home by midnight, so I went on to bed. Thought maybe Roger was in town and they went out.

I was having this weird dream that I was in this hot air balloon. To control it, I had to turn a nozzle that looked like a bathroom tap. I was trying desperately to keep the balloon from dropping, but no matter how much I twisted the tap, the balloon slowly sank.

I was starting to panic. Not because I thought I’d crash, but because I didn’t want to touch the ground. I realised it was some sort of bet, and if the balloon hit the ground I would loose my house.

Then, in the balloon, my sister appeared. Laughing hysterically. Absolutely laughing like a mad woman. Then she morphed into Candy who said, ‘You ask me, those koalas are bastards.’

That’s when I woke-up.

I went into the lounge and there was my sister laughing hysterically, Candy spouting some shit about koalas, and HP eating a kebab.

There was so much to be angry about. HP going out and not telling me. Candy in my house (I don’t know why that makes me angry, but it does), and the fact they all woke me up. But what pissed me off most was that my fucking sister should be in Newcastle, living with dad, going to Uni, and she was in my house at 2 in the morning.

Her response when I said, ‘What the fuck are you doing here? You should be at Uni’ was ‘I don’t need to be there. It’s just Freshers Week. I think.’

Too knackered to deal with any of that bullshit, I sent Candy home, HP to bed, and told Katie to sleep it off on the sofa.

When I left this morning, HP was still in bed (why he wasn’t up for work, I’m sure, will be another argument) and Katie was asleep on the sofa. I would have ‘worked from home today’ but the Intern is supposed to be working this morning — if she ‘makes her bus’. And I’ve got a phone call with Giles about the move, and how to manage my Scottish events coming up. Plus I’ve got Amsterdam and Frankfurt pretty soon.

Right. Where is that bloody Intern. She should be in by now.


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