Quiet disappointment

I got home from work with two pieces of big news. Not only do I have money now, but Giles has decided to not move us to London. He said all his merchant banker friends are now advising him against moving us to London, because Dundee is cheaper, a burgeoning market, and he can keep an eye on us. First off, did I not say those exact things to him when we ran into him in St Andrews? And ‘keep an eye on us’? What the hell? He’s not supposed to be getting in the middle of the business. Evidently he doesn’t know the meaning of Silent Owner.

Anyway, one of his banker friends has office space they’re going to let Giles. No wonder they’re so keen for him to keep the Agency in Dundee. We’re moving on Monday.

So I told HP that I’m not being relocated. There was quiet disappointment from both of us. Not good.

Didn’t bother to tell him that I’m rich now. And that we’ve got enough for a down payment on a second house. Maybe I could buy the flat next door, kick Candy out, and we could live next door to each other instead of together. May be just what we need. A second house…

Shit. How did I not think if this before? Right. Got to go look something up. Will blog back later.


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