Not sure if I’m in charge or just on my own

At about ten to five I got a call from London, ‘He can’t do this. Why didn’t you tell me? He said he would stay out of the business of the Agency.’

I assumed she meant the Dundee office situation, and I was surprised that it took a couple of days for her to get in touch. I hadn’t said anything because I can already tell that Giles is the type to change is mind, so I was kind of hoping that he’d just go back to the London idea, or even better, the way we’ve been doing it for years — working from home.

He didn’t. And London and Paris are pissed.

They’re arguing a breech of contract, and that he is reneging on parts of the agreement, they want to sell off completely, because neither has any intention of relocating to Dundee. In fairness, they are 40 year olds with full lives and families. Uprooting all that on the whim of some guy who can’t make up his mind is ridiculous.

After London rung off, Paris called. She was trying to get me to stand with them and sell completely. As much as it fills me with dread to work at the Agency without them, I can’t go with them. I need the job. I’ve promised mum I’d buy her house. It’s the only way we can figure she won’t have to move. Paris and London are arguing that I’ll get more money in the end, but I just can’t afford that risk.

I was just about to leave Lorainne’s office when I got a call from Giles. He clearly didn’t think London, Paris and I would talk, because all he said was to wear comfortable clothes on Monday he had a car arranged to take the files from Lorainne’s to the new office. Then he said, off the cuff, ‘Oh, and by the way. If you leave the Agency, you do realise that you are to refund the money you’ve been paid.’

What?! I was silently panicking, but I think I kept my cool by saying nothing. He then added, ‘You’ll need to cancel any trips you have coming up. Not in the budget.’

I wasn’t exactly sure what trips he was talking about. So, I questioned, ‘I need to pop over to Edinburgh next week…’

‘Yes. I need you to keep those to a minimum. With everything online today, no need for these expensive trips. Make digital interfaces.’

I’m totally confused. He wanted the team together in an office because one-on-ones were so important, but — for some reason — meeting live with clients and publishers isn’t important. And…oh shit…the clients. If London and Paris really do leave, I’m on my own. I’m running an agency on my own. I would be better working for Betsy running her publishing company. At least I’d have help because she said I can hire a team.

I’ve got to talk to Giles. And that damn Intern needs to bump it up a bit, and start being less shit. Maybe London and Paris can come to an arrangement, and they can keep working from home.

And Frankfurt and Amsterdam, he then said that was off. But if I’m running an Agency by myself I wouldn’t have time anyway. What the hell.

London and Paris can’t leave. I can’t manage on my own.

Oh, and speaking of being on my own Katie, HP and Candy went to the student Union. Candy said she knew people who would let them in and Katie could get a feel for going to Uni in Dundee. Yeah, a 45 year old divorsay (yes that’s spelled wrong, but I don’t have an accenty thing on my ipad) blagging her way into the Union. That’s going to work. But the best part is that Katie is going to live with her because Candy is going through a divorce and could ‘use the company’ (her words). My bet is that Katie will annoy the fuck out of her and Candy’ll kick her out in a week.

Right, going to head off. Think I’ll call Betsy and get her advice on this Agency thing. Maybe she’ll have a magical solution and I can come work with her after all.

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