My boyfriend quit his job to work for a hussy

HP was still in bed when I went to leave the house for work this morning, and when I nudged him to say it was time to ‘get up’, he informed me that he had quit his job on Friday.

I couldn’t believe it. First, he can’t afford to quit his job. Second, why didn’t he tell me?

When I questioned him in his groggy state, he said that he can afford to quit his job because he’s going to work for Candy, who owns a small games company and needs a designer for their marketing materials. And, Candy is ‘really chill, she said no one’s ever in the office until after 10 o’clock’.

As for not telling me, he blamed me for that. Said that I wasn’t home. He went out on Friday night to celebrate, and since I never bothered to text him to tell him my plans, he didn’t wait for me. The nerve!

Great, so now, he’s working for this poxy little gaming company. It could go under. Gaming companies go under all the time. The other job may have been quite boring, but at least it was stable. You never hear of people who make oil widgets going bust. Then again, you never hear of people who make oil widgets. But that’s probably because they just get on with it.

Let’s be honest, Candy does not seem like the business type. Sorry if I’m being judgmental, but she’s more worried about her outfits and her hair than a business. And hitting on my little geek of a boyfriend.

If that business fails, then that leaves me supporting HP. But there was no point in arguing with him this morning. When I brought up the stability of this job with Candy, he said, ‘I could have stayed in Glasgow, where I would have moved on from [MNM] to a reputable stable design company. But you wanted me to move to Dundee. So here I am,’ and he rolled back over and went to sleep. I was about to say, ‘You would have never moved on from [MNM], you would have stayed there your whole life if it weren’t for me,’ but he interrupted me as my mouth opened, and with his head in his pillow, he said, ‘At least [Candy]’s fun.’

For the love all that is holy, I  cannot manage this. I’m at Lorainne’s waiting for the van to collect me and the boxes for the new office. I don’t have time for this.


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