New Office Old Dirt

The Intern showed up just as the van was about to pull away. I think she was disappointed and hoping that she’d be too late to help. Ha ha, she wasn’t.

This new office, though, is horrendous. It a big open dank warehouse type thing with a bathroom and a storage cupboard that, after shutting the door, locked and now I can’t get open (the storage cupboard, we can get into the bathroom although I wish we couldn’t). The entire place was filled with dusty and dirty old office furniture. I happened to bring some cleaner from Lorainne’s with me, and it’s a good thing I did because the place was vile.

I don’t know why we need this office. It’s just the Intern and I now, I see no reason to go tromping off to the edge of Dundee every day (I have to take two buses to get to this place) when I could work from home.

I also met Gile’s PA for the first time today. Well, I didn’t meet her in the flesh, I spoke with her on the phone. She’s an older Scottish lady, or sounds like it. She’s totally on the ball, because she had the BT guy out by the end of the day. When we moved into our flat it took us a month to get BT to set up the phone and Broadband. Don’t know how UberPA did it.

After a day’s very hard graft the Intern and I were not only covered in sweat, dust and dirt, but we had a nice little office set up. We even took a taxi to the big Tesco and got a few items to spruce up the place: a rug, plants, and some nice lamps. Oh, and of course, a kettle and a microwave. Cost me a fortune, but I’ll expense it. And, needs must really. The place is out in the middle of no where, so it’s not like we can leave for lunch.

Still not the biggest fan of the Intern (anyone who thinks they can coast through a job because their family is connected still doesn’t sit right with me), but today she proved herself to be a harder worker than I anticipated. The van man dropped us at the door of the new office, we pulled our stuff from the back and he drove off with us standing next to a van load of stuff. Giles left the whole thing up to the Intern and I, and I must say she did pull her weight.

Oh, in other news, can’t believe I forgot to mention this. Got a call from London. She and Paris are starting their own publishing company. They’re doing the hybrid model, where it’s a mixture of self-published and traditional publishing. They’re going to also focus on working with the author to create an over all brand — kind of like what were were/are doing at the Agency, but on a publishing level.

They asked if I wanted to come on board? As much as it pains me to say ‘no’, I can’t afford to risk loosing the money from the sale.  Lorainne and I thought this would happen. They were already trying to get me to leave because Giles is already acting like a shit, but I said ‘no’ because of the uncertainty. London and Paris are suing Giles for the same amount he paid Lorainne, but he’s threatening to counter-sue them for all the money he’s paid them to be returned.

I don’t want to get in the middle of that.


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