It’s not a problem

We have so much to do legally because we’re a New Agency. We need to get new contracts out and ensure that all our clients are happy with staying on. In fact, I need to chat with all of our clients and let them know that everyone has left but me.

Our HQ had been registered in London (at my co-worker’s address), but as that’s not applicable we need to set up an address for this company. And speaking of that, do we note this office here in Dundee or a general holding location like a solicitor’s, or Gile’s personal office (where UberPA works)? By the way, I have no idea what other companies Giles runs, but since he has an UberPA, I assume he does have other companies. So should we note our new address as part of that? Were we sold as a going concern? Does this make a difference?

Was all this sorted with the sale?

Legal is so out of my league. Lorainne used to take care of all of this, and she’s away on some sort of ‘Fuck you, I’m retired, I’m going away on a ship where no one can contact me…ever’ cruise or some such. So I can’t ask her.

I tried talking to London and Paris, but they ignored my questions, told me to look at the address on the contract, as that’s the location they’ve been sending their letters. They’re trying to get him to settle and plan on taking him to court if he doesn’t.

Something else I know nothing about and don’t want to be in the middle of.

Anyway. I had to book an appointment to speak with Giles about this, and when I finally spoke to him he just kept saying ‘It’s not a problem’.

To which I responded, ‘Okay, but what address to I put on the new contacts?’

‘It’s not a problem.’

So, I asked, ‘Do you have a solicitor that can go over these?’

‘It’s not a problem.’

So, I said, ‘Here’s why it’s a problem. We have, for several reasons, not listed our main location as Dundee. There are pros for being in Dundee, as well as cons. But a decision needs to be made as it will not only affect our contracts, but it will also affect how we run and market our business, especially as we now have no agents in England or on the Continent.’

His response, ‘It’s not a problem.’


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