Need time away

After I posted last, I sat in bed and cried. I was feeling so many different things. Worry. What can’t he tell me? I know he doesn’t like to talk about ‘things’, but I should be the person he turns to before anyone else. I was hurt. And then I became mad. Like really mad. The sort of mad that makes your body shake. I thought HP was different from all the other shits. HP was supposed to be that one I could trust. He’s not the liar. Or I didn’t think he was.

I wanted to be away from him. Didn’t want to see him this weekend. I was so mad. I kept thinking of him and Candy, and they revolted me and I don’t want them near me. He may not be sleeping with her (yet), but don’t tell her things you won’t tell me.

I decided to go home for the weekend. There’s a lot I need to help mum with, and if stay through Monday — taking the sleeper back — I can meet with some clients as opposed to talk with them over the phone.

But there was one problem. I couldn’t leave HP and Candy alone for the weekend. The fact I’m around at all is probably the only reason she hasn’t pounced on him. But, I wouldn’t be able to look at HP. Didn’t know what to do…

Katie. I could get Katie to cock-block for me. A series of texts with Katie went like this:

Me: You working this weekend?
Katie: Why would I work on the weekend?
Me: I don’t know what kind of dodgy job you have.
Katie: Not working.
Me: Would you mind hanging out with [HP] and Candy all weekend? I’m off to see mum.
Katie: Can you bring some stuff back from my room?
Me: Yeah. Whatever. Can you keep an eye on them. Like all the time.
Katie: What’s your problem. Nothing is going on between them. Stop being such a freak.
Me: Just can you do it?
Katie: If you bring me back a bunch of stuff from home.
Me: Fine. Send me a list of what you want. And don’t leave them alone. Okay?
Katie: Okay.

So with a babysitter sorted, I packed and headed into work. I had left some manuscripts there, I thought I could dash in and out. I was wrong, but in a good way.

At my desk I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find some papers I wanted to take with me. It was one of those moments where, even though you know it’s a tiny thing, your hand starts to shake with the frustration of it all.

I was about 20 seconds from losing it when Patch came over, put his hand on mine and said very quietly and calmly, ‘What are you looking for?’

I told him and he pulled the papers I needed from the Intern’s desk.

‘She’s useless isn’t she,’ he said.

‘Yeah, she is.’

‘You can’t control who your boss hires, but you can try to minimise the damage. I think you’re doing a terrific job of minimising,’ he said.

‘Weirdest compliment I’ve ever been given, but I’ll take it.’ Then I took a shot and risked being rude, ‘So how did you come about this job?’

He said that one of Giles’ companies was a client for his old job. He and Giles got to know each other through that, and Patch mentioned he was looking for change. And after much cajoling, Patch took the job. Patch admitted to being nervous about this move, especially as he’s got two young kids at home (a boy and a girl) and he knows he needs to provide for the family. But his old job wasn’t challenging any longer. So, he went for it.

He showed me pictures of his kids, and mentioned his wife. He also said that he got approval from ‘the boss’, as he calls her, to take the role with the Agency. So, he’s feeling okay about the commute, since he has his wife’s approval and all. He then added, ‘I’m lucky you’re here. I’ll be learning from the best. Thanks for taking the time to train me. Won’t let you down.’

He then joked about the Intern and said in a low and very sincere voice, ‘if it were up to me I wouldn’t have hired her. There must be a line of graduates who would kill to do an internship here. It’s not fair. And who does she think she is anyway, with that fake Kate Middleton look? I guess if you’re going to sleep your way to power, there’s no better role model.’

Oh, my, god. I miss having a bitchy co-worker. There is no one better for putting things right at work than the friend who tells it straight. I think I’m going to really get on with Patch.

Oh, and DraggyFeet. Today she spent the entire day organising her desk. All day. Yeah, Patch and I gossiped about that too before he gave me a lift to the rail station.

Right. On the train now, and going to try and focus on editing some manuscripts.


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