No work travel for me

Right. Personal life started out in the shitter today, and then my professional life went completely down the U-Bend.

You know how Giles cancelled my trips to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Well, they’re back on. But not for me.

DraggyFeet left for Amsterdam yesterday for the World Publishing Expo, and Patch will be leaving for the Frankfurt Book Fair tomorrow. And, this isn’t a new thing. Evidently, this has been planned since before they even started the job. Supposedly, in order to entice Patch and DraggyFeet to go, they are being given a £200 a day per diem while away. And that’s not including hotel or conference fees. I don’t even know what fucking MacDraggyFeet does at the New Agency. And, while Patch may now be an agent, he has…what?…less than a week’s experience?

Patch has even told me on the sly that he really doesn’t want to go to Frankfurt. That he begged for me to go with him as he’s not comfortable going on his own. Plus, he said that his wife will kill him for leaving her alone with a baby and a toddler. No one wants this. What is Giles’ problem.

I want to scream, but it gets better.

Giles came storming into the office screaming that he can’t leave us alone. He thought this was a business that would run itself. But he’s got to watch it like a hawk and now he’s planning at least one day in Dundee, oh how inconvenient for him. He may have started out yelling at everyone in general, but it was obviously intended for me, then it was aimed directly at me.

‘I did not authorize for you to go to London. I told you no unnecessary travel and you went behind my back and did it anyway. I expect to have all major decisions authorized and any time away from the office approved. Do you understand me!’

I am beyond upset.

Oh, and he gave the Intern the job of accompanying a MyAuthor to a reading at festival in the south of England the weekend of the 25th. You remember MyAuthor. The most loveliest lady. The woman I have a closer personal and professional relationship with. The woman who has stayed with the New Agency because of me. (Okay, that last part might be hyperbole, but still. Damn it!)

Anyway, MyAuthor knows the ropes and doesn’t normally need her agent with her, but she and I have been talking about selling the film rights to one of her books, but she’s not sold on the idea. So, we were going to use the festival as a chance to talk to her public about the possibility of a film version. What would they think? (She’s way too fan loyal.) It’s not a big festival, so I was thinking that it would be a good chance to get the ball rolling on the subject, stir up some chat, but not make it official big news, while still getting a message out there. (Nothing is better for sales than the rumor of a film deal. And, actually, there’s nothing better for getting a film deal than a rumor of a film deal.) Essentially, she’s using it as a way to gauge whether or not her readers would approve of a film adaptation, and I’m using it as a way to get a bit of attention for the book.

So, I told Giles my plan. His response, ‘Good. You can brief [Intern]. I’m sure she can manage something as simple as that.’

Simple! What the fuck does he know about any of this?

Even the Intern protested as she has Uni work to complete. But, no Giles said that she had to go, and that he’ll sort out her travel and accommodation. (Oh, yeah, should I mention that if I went, I wouldn’t need accommodation because I could stay with my Mum.) I’m sure he will do all he can to get her a hotel, as he’s probably using it as an excuse for a dirty weekend. But, the gross affair they are having aside, this is not good for business because the Intern has screwed up everything else she’s touched, I’m sure she’ll fuck him and then fuck this up.

Oh yeah. And he said that I have to use annual leave for not being at work yesterday (despite meeting clients and publishers) and he’s not paying my expenses. Fucking twat fuck!

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