Whispers in the morning

It’s become a regular occurrence, waking up to conversations I don’t want to hear but can’t stop listening to.

HP was quiet and Candy was doing all the talking.

‘How late were you up with Aggressive Violent Gun Battle with Cars and Gangstas and Nazis*?’

HP groaned and then said, ‘Fell asleep, woke up. Had to start playing again. Didn’t quite get any sleep.’

‘It is so addictive isn’t it. My god. It’s like tots cray.’

Holy shit. It’s annoying when teenagers speak like that, but no one over the age of 21 should ever say ‘tots’ or ‘cray’. Like ever.

‘Listen. I just wanted to say that I had such an amazing weekend.’

Then her voice went lower, but what she doesn’t know is that the crappy walls in our flat may as well have been made out of tissue paper. I can hear everything.

‘I don’t mean to be harsh. But it’s so much simpler when she’s out of town. Less of a hassle,’ she added.

Oh my god. What the fuck is going on between the two of them? Yes, it’s less of a hassle for them to hangout when I’m not there. True. And maybe it has something to do with work. I don’t know. But, if she has to whisper, then it’s not innocent.

I’m the only one in the office (and it’s almost ten o’clock) and I could really stand to not be here. The weather is horrible outside. I totally got soaked getting here. Walking to work, even if it’s quicker is so not an option. Why didn’t I move to Italy when Betsy offered?

*I can’t say the name of the game, because I can’t remember what it is and it’s stupid.


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