Gone Co-Workers

Last night I suggested that we go to the cinema, so we went and saw Gone Girl. I won’t talk about it too much for fear of spoilers, but I so recommend it. Gillian Flynn is the author of the book and the screenwriter, an unusual occurrence in film adaptations. And, this is the reason you should see the film and read the book. It’s so interesting to see how one author will adapt the same narrative for different media.

On a personal note, don’t go see it if you and your partner are going through an icy period. I got home, we went to bed, I started thinking about this secret HP is hiding from me, and then I got paranoid and slept on the edge of the bed for the rest of the night.

As for work, yet another wonderful day has started. I walked into the office to find yet another new face, but at least I’d spoken to this person before. It was UberPA.

In her words, ‘Giles felt my presence was needed in Patch and MacDraggyFeet’s absence. I’ll be here until they return. But I do not ask me to engage in work for the New Agency. That is not within my remit,’ and she went back to typing.*

Oh my god. I cannot believe I’m not trusted. This man doesn’t even know me, and he’s taking away every responsibility I’ve built for myself, including the ability to not need a babysitter.


*Previously when using one of my fake-ID-bloggy names within the context of someone else’s conversation I would put it in brackets. Like this ‘I hate [Giles]’, said everyone. But that’s too much of a ball ache, so I’m not going to do it anymore.

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