What’s that sound? It’s a phone ringing

I am so going to resent saying this, but having HP out of the house had been glorious. Katie and I had dinner. Like we cooked and sat down and ate dinner. I can’t remember the last time we did that. In fact, I don’t ever think we’ve done that without a parent or relative present. We  made a tuna pasta bake and watched a Roger Moore film I had DVRd called ‘The Man Who Haunted Himself’. It was gawd-awful but in that oh my god I can’t stop laughing way. I’m totally into old movies lately, and I so don’t know why. And Katie has been making vintage 70s posters, but with like modern feminist sayings on them. She’s totally memeing these posters. She thinks I don’t know about her little Tumblr memes, but I do, and they’re actually really cool.

Then I got a call from Sarah who rang on my actual land-line. I completely forgot we even have a landline until it rang. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it ring. She said she couldn’t message or Facetime because her internet is down, and her mobile as a plan where she can ring landlines for free. Also, weird, she found my landline number online, which isn’t surprising but it’s strange that other people can find my phone number when I don’t even know it.

Katie excused herself, and Sarah and I chatted. For three hours we talked. So, the kids are with Pete’s relatives, so that they could have a date night, but he never came home from some sort of drum circle or some other stupid hippie freak-a-thon like that. She was livid and needed someone to talk to.

She complained about Pete, and I told her about HP and his weird distanceness lately. I told her about how I can hear him and Candy talk in the kitchen and how he has a secret that he hasn’t told me, and how I’m so so worried something more is happening between them.

But, Sarah said she doesn’t think HP is doing anything behind my back, because if they were screwing, and they didn’t think I could hear them in the kitchen, they wouldn’t be just chatting, they’d be doing so much more. Because, as Sarah put it, ‘It’s hot to do shit like that. You’re just there on the other side of the wall, and they could get caught any minute. No, if they’re talking then nothing is happening.’

Sarah’s advice on this actually makes me feel better because she probably screwed Pete in my kitchen while I slept because she thought it was ‘hot’, and Candy seems like that sort of person too. So as long as Candy and HP talk, and there’s no silence, I’m good.

So, we talked for literally hours. I felt good. Really good. I love a good natter and I just don’t get to have those any more. HP doesn’t talk to me, my friends are too busy, Loraine and the gang are off on their own new post-Agency adventures, and everyone else in my life is an arsehole. I’m happy Sarah’s back in my life.

Right, I’m off to bed. Good night to all.

PS-If you’re wondering, work is still shit and I spent the day with RobotPA (formerly UberPA) giving me the stare down, so I gave the Intern a stare down, and I had hoped she would then give the RobotPA a stare down like a visual circle jerk, but the Intern just didn’t catch on. She’s an idiot and no fun either.


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