I cannot believe I am still in this stupid office

It is 4:15 on a Friday and I am still in this office. Skies are blue and fluffy little white clouds are dotting the heavens. I want to not be in this dark dusty horrible warehouse of a place. The Intern at least has the excuse of school so she can leave, I have nothing. It’s not that I don’t want to work. I actually want to get through the rest of this manuscript by the end of the day, so I can send it back to the author, and I had planned on going through the Intern’s slush pile picks to see if she’s capable of as simple a task as reading.

All of this I could do from home, with a big glass of wine next to me. Or, even at the park by the house. Or…anywhere but here, actually. But, I can’t because RobotPA said that ‘You may be on a salary, but we expect you to fill your contractual hours.’ I don’t even have a contract for that matter. I said as much and she didn’t even turn or respond or anything, she just kept typing. Like the cyborg she is.

I cannot wait for Patch and MacDraggyFeet to come back so that RobotPA can go back to the metallic cave she came out of and leave me alone.


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