Alone in a sea of ejits

Got a text from HP as I was coming home from work last night. The presentation in London went really well. He didn’t have anything to do with it, he was just along for the ride, to learn and all. But it was really interesting. (Side note: It’s weird. Since HP’s been gone we haven’t spoken once. All texts. And I don’t know if this is because we’re having problems, or if it’s just how we (society) is used to communicating. And even weirder, because of the texts I don’t feel like we haven’t talked. Drunk dial messages not included of course.) Anyway, he has to be in Glasgow today for work, so rather than come back to Dundee last night, then over to Glasgow this morning, he was taking the train from London to Glasgow yesterday then staying the night with Roger. Will I ever see my boyfriend again? Has been nice having the house to myself though.

Also last night, I got into an iMessage relay with Hubby, who I have decided is my new favourite person. We got into a debate about Jezebel, you know the feminist website, about whether its journalistic rigour is being maintained. I’ll be honest, I don’t have an opinion on this, but Hubby does and he’s fascinating. Totally understand what Intern2 sees in him. Oh, and we sent each other videos of cats.

Anyway, I mentioned that I really needed to go over to Edinburgh for work today, so we’ve hatched a plan. I’m leaving the office around noon, meeting with those I need to this afternoon, and then off to Hubby and Intern’s flat for a yummy dinner. So, excited.

I came into the office really early this morning since I am heading off to Edinburgh, and the Intern was already in. She said that she really needs to be in Uni today, so she’s come into the office early. She hoped I didn’t mind. And, actually I didn’t. She could have just said she wasn’t coming in. It’s not like she’s properly paid employee.

I’d been thinking about what Knotrune said regarding getting an ally. I don’t trust the Intern. She knows I’m not happy that she was hired without my consultation, sometimes she picks up her game, but other days it’s like she’s so bored to be here she spends the day yawning and dozing off.

However, she is ‘close’ to Giles. And, she knew him before working here, so she could give me the scoop on him.

Since we were the only ones in the office, I asked, ‘What other businesses does Giles have?’

She just shrugged and said, ‘Bunches.’ Then she added, ‘He never seems to have a business for more than a year or so. I think he flips them like people do houses. Buy them for cheap, make them profitable, then sell them on.’

I then asked what type of businesses, and she said, ‘All kinds. Like boutiques and salons, and I think he owned an art house cinema at one point. He’s one of these people who likes owning things that are fashionable.’

I was getting a picture. Since working in publishing, I’ve met people like him. I’m sorry to stereotype, but it’s usually posh people who have inherited money. They aren’t the type to ever go out and apply for a job that’s been advertised. They know people who ‘set them up’ in business.

Next I asked about Patch, had she ever met him before? The Intern said, once ‘At a party. He’s Giles’ wife’s nephew.’

Really? Now, that had not been mentioned when this stellar sales person was introduced.

I pushed further, ‘Like a nephew you never see, or are they close?’

‘I think Giles’ brother owns the company Patch had been working for. So, yeah, I guess they’re close.’

I looked it up, and it’s not illegal. The Agency is a private company, and no public funds are being used so he can hire whoever he wants. If he wants to just put someone in place he can. It happens all the time, it’s a family business. I just didn’t know that I was the lone employee in a sea of nepitism.

The Intern has just left, and Patch is flirting with MacDraggyFeet and BigEyes. He does this thing where he spends the conversation back to him. BigEyes is doing up her desk today with little figurines and stuff. You know the type of office glitch, little stuffed animals, mugs with cute saying, pens with bobbles on the end. She’s really in to lady birds.

BigEyes: I got a lady bird doll from my…
Patch: yeah, yeah, you got a lady bird doll. Nice. Nice. Classic. (Laugh) Hey, you’ll like this, my wife has put me on a diet…
BigEyes: Why? You’re perfect, I’d never put you on a diet.
Patch: I need to stay trim, and if the boss thinks I’ve put on weight, she’s the boss. All I’m allowed to eat is soup for lunch.
BigEyes: Oh you poor thing…

And an hour of a conversation of all the things his wife won’t let him do, but it’s okay because she’s ‘the boss’, and further retort that BigEyes would never treat him that way.

I have no idea what his game is, but it’s clear he’s playing BigEyes. Oh, and MacDraggyFeet, she just hovers near by and repeats whatever BigEyes says.

Looks like I’m alone in this office.


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