Omissions and bravado followed by something positive

Oh, by the way, we paid the registration and nonrefundable plane ticket for MacDraggyFeet to go to Berlin for the Publishing Conference. And, she didn’t go. At the last minute her goat fell ill. Yep, she has goats. Oh, and it gets better. She didn’t tell anyone she didn’t go, it just came up in conversation today. And how it’s come up in conversation is even more annoying than the fact that she didn’t go.

Patch and BigEyes’ flirting session moved from how he’s the happy martyr to his role in the Frankfurt Book Fair. (Which, by the way, was not a part of our Monday meeting. At no point did neither MacDraggyFeet or Patch even mention their trip.)

Here’s how today’s most recent conversation went between Patch and BigEyes…

Patch: Yeah, there were thousands of journalists from all over the world there, and I made sure that they got to speak with not just the top authors, but also the up and coming ones.
BigEyes: That’s so smart. It’s really good that you’re looking out for the little authors.
Patch: Well, you know. It’s why I’m here. But, I gave everyone their fair due. Top authors too, top authors. There were publishers there. Hundreds of booths of publishers. Great connections, great connections.
Big Eyes: Sounds like lots of work went into this.
Patch: It did. But it was worth it.
BigEyes: You did this all by yourself?
Patch: It took a dedicated team. People in Germany were involved.
BigEyes: Do you speak German?
Patch: I speak a little German, but the market is all in English. Although they’re grateful if you try and speak a little of the local language. As I was saying to Stephanie…
BigEyes: Stephanie Meyers?
Patch: I don’t want to drop names. It’s not cool. But as I was saying to Stephanie, events like this really benefit everyone.

What a fucking fuckwit. He never once said, ‘I organised the Frankfurt Book Fair’ but he let this temp — who, in fairness, knows nothing about the industry — assume he did. She now thinks that he personally organised the largest book fair on the planet and did all this in a few days from Scotland. He never corrected her.

Personally, I’m questioning whether or not he even went to Germany. Or, maybe he did, but didn’t even go into the Expo.

As for MacDraggyFeet, in the middle of this conversation, just goes, ‘Maybe I should have gone to Berlin.’

And that’s when we found out that she didn’t go, and she didn’t come into work, and she didn’t tell anyone she wasn’t going.

Right, I need to get out of this office and make my way to Edinburgh. But, I shall leave you with something a bit more positive, since all I’m doing is complaining lately.

Read this article Skipping Down 6th Avenue. It is so good. When she talks about why she went into publishing in the first place, I see so much of me in her words (as I’m sure every young woman in publishing will). But I skipped the New York/London hassle (not necessarily intentionally) and I missed the old days of publishing and entered when paper was dead (or at least dying.)

Also, she blogs as part of her creativity. As a way to fill that literary and creative void. I blog because I’m a self-involved twit who uses the internet as my own personal diary.

I don’t have notions of becoming a writer. Those left when I first entered publishing. I don’t have the dedication, focus or fortitude to be a writer. And, I’m not creative. Honestly, I only write about my life. And not really very well at that I might add. And I do genuinely enjoy helping talented people succeed in the horrible profession of being an author. So, I think I different from this article on this level.

But, what I like about it is that it shows you that to be involved in ‘literature’ you don’t need campaign glasses and book readings. You just need something to creative to say. And I like that.

Her blog is incredibly witty as well. Check it out at SlughterHouse90210.


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