Going to a book festival and other stuff about puppet sex

Hi all. Quick message before I hope on a train down south to accompany MyAuthor to a reading.

Haven’t written much because 1) not a lot going on and you don’t need to hear about EVERYTHING I do. Like, I discovered PopTarts at the shop and had that for breakfast. (For those bloggy followers in the US, we don’t normally have PopTarts in the UK.) 2) What has been going on I can explain in a few sentences.

I called MyAuthor. I told her that the Intern not only didn’t want to travel down to the Festival with her, but that she really wasn’t prepared. Then I briefly filled her in on the current workings of the Agency.

This is a bit risky as she could defect to another agency rather than deal with our drama. But, she’s a pretty loyal gal, so she called Giles, and she told him that I was the only person from the Agency she would deal with. That I have proven myself again and again. That she trusts me, and that she will not be pawned off on ‘some newbies who don’t know an ebook from a hardback.’

God, I love this woman.

Giles spent the rest of the day shredding tiny scraps of paper behind my desk trying to spy on what I was doing. So, I couldn’t blog.

However, on the way out MacDraggyFeet asked if I wanted two tickets to see Avenue Q. She bought the tickets thinking that since it was a puppet show she could take her 4 year old niece. Luckily someone warned her that Avenue Q a play about adults and even had puppet sex. So, she gave me the tickets.

I had hoped to take HP, but he was working late, so I took Katie.

I was so impressed with the performance. The whole singing puppet thing really isn’t my style. I bit too hipster, oh look puppets that look like Muppets, but they’re talking about sex and porn, oh wow, aren’t we edgy. Yeah, not really into that.

But, I sincerely thought the show as a touring production until I overheard someone next to me. Everyone in the show was an amateur, and mostly students. They had like West End singing voices. It was choreographed perfectly. The sets were flawless. The puppets came alive. Everyone in that performance had to be a singer, actor, puppeteer and a movement/dance person. I couldn’t believe they did this while studying, and that this wasn’t their main gig.

So, even if you’re not into puppet sex, go see the show. The people acting and producing it are so incredibly talented, and they deserve recognition.

Right. Better jog. Gotta catch a train. Will try to blog from down south.

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